The Week’s Meeting of the Minds – Foodie Blog Link-Up

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Welcome to Blogelina’s very FIRST Meeting of the Minds – Blog Link-up!

We’re really working to grow our community in 2015, and one fantastic way to grow and foster that kind of environment is to host a place where like minded individuals can share their best work and be seen by others.

We know there are a lot of link-ups out there, but we wanted to make ours unique, special and chock full of great information just for YOU. That way, you look forward to joining us each week.

Each week we will choose a theme, or a type of blogger, to link-up with us.

This week we’re looking for all Foodie Bloggers to link-up their posts. We’d love to see your recipes, your foodie blogger tips, or any other post that fits into this niche.


Another, advantage of Blogelina’s Meeting of the Minds, is that we will feature a couple quotes from successful bloggers, right here, so that YOU can not only share your best content, but also learn and grow.

And last, but certainly not least – we will be choosing one or two blog posts to feature the following week’s link-up. Sure we want to build our community, but WE want to help YOU build yours, too.

This Week’s Foodie Blogger Tips

In her post, Top 20 Tips for Food Bloggers, Kate from Cookie and Kate says, “Cite your sources. Always. Not cool: reposting recipes verbatim, posting other bloggers’ photos without permission. Cool: original recipes, sharing links to your inspiration, linking to further resources on the subject at hand.”


Carrie, from Frugal Foodie Mamain her post Photography Tips for the Point & Shoot Food Blogger, says “Not all natural light is created equal. Direct, glaring natural sunlight can wash out your photos.  A too gray day could give your photos a bluish hint.  You want soft natural light. You can get this by watching the rooms in your house & seeing which ones offer the best natural light at which times.”


Our Weekly Reader Feature

This week, we are proud to feature Dini from Giramuk’s Kitchen. Her blog is beautiful, her photos jump right out at you and her recipes are drool-worthy! You definitely need to check her out!

Pickled Beet & Basil Grilled Cheese

Join Our Meeting of the Minds, and Link-up Below

We’d love it, if our readers who are Food Bloggers would link-up their fantastic posts below. We want to see what you’ve got!

Join us next week, where we’ll be featuring one of our bloggers who link-up with us today.

Next week’s theme will be crafts blogs!

What are some of YOUR best food blogging tips?

Share in the comments below!

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  1. My tip: be real! And, remember people reading a food blog probably aren’t chefs and might not even be a foodie…if you use a tool, technique or ingredient that people might not know, be sure to define it.


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