Take the Stress Out of Moving Your Blog to WordPress

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The process of transferring your blog from either Blogger or WordPress.com to a hosted WordPress site can be a daunting one, but experts tend to agree that the move is an important one to make.  We know how important it is for your blog to move to WordPress – which is why we have an amazing offer to tell you about!

Why Make the Move?

  • Less down-time for your blog! The hosting company that your hosting will be set up with guarantees 99.9% uptime.
  • No Meltdowns! You will no longer be at the mercy of Blogger for when you will or will not be able to access your blog (so you’ll never have to worry about that screen on the right).

More options for customizing your blog.With WordPress.org, plugins and theme features, you can make your blog into anything!  The options are limitless when it comes to customizing your blog.

  • Make money with your blog!  A Free WordPress.com blog won’t allow you to put ads on your blog which severely limits your money-making potential.  Moving to WordPress.org will fix this problem!
  • Make MORE money with your blog! If you’re currently on Blogger, WordPress.org offers you more options for improving your Search Engine Ranking.  Getting ranked higher in the search engines could be what it takes to put more money in your pockets!

Why Use Our Service?

  • Feel Too Intimidated to Try It On Your Own? Moving to WordPress is a daunting task.  Blogelina offers to take the pressure of the transfer off of your shoulders.  You don’t have to feel this way! >>
  • Just Don’t Have the Time? Transferring all your blog content, followers, RSS feeds, and blog design over takes a lot of time – especially if the processes are not ones you’re familiar with.
  • Don’t Have A Lot of Money to Spend? We’ve done the research and have yet to find a deal as good as this one.  Don’t forget that you’ll also be getting your first year of web hosting paid for completely by us!  Keep reading below for more information on the savings we offer.
  • We Want to See You Satisfied. We do what we can to make sure that your blog transfer is done as completely and thoroughly as possible.
  • We are in touch with you throughout the transfer process. If you have questions, comments, or inquiries about your transfer, we are available to help via email throughout your transfer.
  • We care about your blog. Believe us when we say that we realize how important your blog is – and how stressful the thought of losing any part of it can be!  That’s why we take care to do what we can to make sure as much of your blog transfers over as possible.
  • You’ll get access to our WordPress manual! This manual will walk you through the basics of publishing on your new WordPress blog.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Green

We guarantee your transfer.

We guarantee that at least 2000 of your posts and 5000 of your comments with transfer over AND all of your RSS feed subscribers will transfer over – OR we’ll refund your money!

For those of you who would just prefer the peace of mind and/or ease of having your transfer work done for you, the Blogger to WordPress Transfer Service through Blogelina is just what you need!

Hurry - Hand Drawn BlueWhy Move NOW?

  • The larger your blog grows, the more difficult it is to transfer completely. With large blog transfers, it is not unusual to lose posts and comments in the transfer process.
  • You’re looking at one of the most affordable transfer options out there. And, who knows how long we’ll be able to keep it at this price?

What to Expect

Here’s an idea of what will happen once you’ve purchased your transfer:

  1. You will receive a link to a form to fill out with the information that we need to set up your hosting account.
  2. We’ll set up your FREE hosting account and email you a few more questions related to your transfer.
  3. If you already own a domain and want to use it with your new WordPress blog, we’ll change the nameservers on your blog so that we can access it through your new hosting account.  This transfer process takes 24-48 to complete all over the web.
  4. If you don’t have a domain already, you will purchase one at this point and have WordPress installed on it.
  5. Once your domain is set up with WordPress, we will begin the transfer of your blogger posts and comments.
  6. We will transfer your design elements, matching your new design as closely as possible to what you had previously.
  7. We will transfer your RSS feed.
  8. Then, depending on your needs, we will set up your old blog (on WordPress.com or Blogger) to automatically redirect visitors to your new blog.  We will also put a note on your old blog about the changed domain.

Some Things to be Aware Of

  • Depending on the size of your blog (number of posts and comments), the transfer process can take longer to complete.
  • With very large blogs, it has been know to happen where Blogger does not fully export all of your posts and comments.  There may be some comments and/or posts that are lost during the transfer process.  This is due to the temperamental nature of Blogger, unfortunately.

What People Are Saying

  • Blogelina’s motto is “affordable solutions for blogging moms” and boy do they mean affordable! – Skye, RealMomReviews.net
  • Thank goodness for tech savvy people like Blogelina. She imported everything. I just had to fix the aesthetics since I couldn’t transfer my template over from Blogger to WordPress. She did the heavy lifting and I picked up what she dropped. Not only that, but she was constantly in contact, responded to emails right away, and assured my rapidly beating heart that it was going to be okay. – Kim, LovinTheOven.com
  • The transfer from Blogger to WordPress was fairly stress free due to the amazing talents of Tanya from Blogelina. –Maria, CraftCrazyMom.com
  • Based on my experience with them I will recommend their services to anyone.  They have been FANTASTIC to me… -Desiree, The36thAvenue.com
  • I am so excited to finally have a blog design that I feel represents myself!  Thank-you,Tanya @ Blogelina for helping me make the transfer to WordPress! -Amanda, TheFrugalGreenishMama.com

Transfers Blogelina Has Done

For examples of transfers that we’ve done, check out our transfer portfolio.

How Affordable We Really Are

What You Would Pay Elsewhere:

Wow - Hand Drawn BlueWhat You’ll Pay With Us:

  • FREE Web hosting for 1 year*!  We’ll just throw that in there to make your life easier.
  • TOTAL COST with Blogelina: Just $149! – About what a year of hosting would cost on it’s own!

Plus You’ll Receive Another FREE BonusFree Bonus - Burst Badge Green

To make the deal even sweeter, I’ll give you FREE access to Blogelina’s Blogging Bundle ($25 value) – a great set of resources that will help you get your blog set up the way you want it.

That’s a $255.88 value for just $149!

If you find a better deal than this one out there, please let me know!

Just click the button here to start your transfer process:


Risk Free - Hand Drawn BlueRemember, there is no risk for you or your blog!

If at least 2000 of your posts and 5000 of your comments do not transfer over OR you lose any RSS feed subscribers – we will refund your money and return your blog to the way it was AND we’ll let you keep your free year of web hosting!  There’s nothing to lose!!

P.S. If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to drop us an email. We’re happy to help as we can!

Already Have Web Hosting?

*Hosting plans do not include the purchase of a domain.

**Transfers of more than 2,000 posts and 5,000 comments could incur an higher fee.  Please email me for more details.

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