Surprise Them! 10 Steps to Making Your Blog Popular

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10 Steps to Making Your Blog Popular (1)

So, you’ve started a blog, selected a pretty design, wrote a couple of posts and finally discovered that, well, no one actually cares about it. The truth might sound a bit harsh, but there are hundreds and thousands of women’s blogs: mom blogs, beauty blogs, cooking blogs, feministic blogs, etc. Just like in any other overpopulated niche, if you want to stand out, you have to be different, and you have to be better. Here are a few recommendations I’ve put together for you that might help you promote your blog and probably even make money someday.

#1: Find a purpose and stick to it

There is plenty of writing on the Internet, most of it is personal, useless and just boring. If you want to attract readers, show them what they can get from reading your blog. Advice? Experience? Mistakes to avoid? Entertainment? Don’t get me wrong, nice writing is pleasant to read, but sooner or later it loses its charm and gets dull.

#2: Set the basics

You want your writing to be consistent, so you need to set the frequency, style and size of your posts. Ideally, your pieces should be recognizable even if stumbled over the outside of your blog. Devote one blog to one theme. If you have different areas of interest, start different blogs (although it is better to stay focused on one).

#3: Write long and interesting articles

The point of any blog is to attract readers with the quality of writing and not with the number of posts. If you can manage one quality post a week, let it be so. If two – even better. Try to pile up more information and don’t hesitate to spend a couple of days working on one blog post. In times when every kid has a blog of his own, devoting time to creating quality content is actually a way to surprise people.

#4: Try writing provocative content

People react more actively when a post is devoted to something they care about. Of course, even the most provocative content should be in line with your general blog theme. Also, make sure to respect everyone’s feelings, even if you have a strong position concerning a certain pressing issue.

 #5: Include surveys and competitions

Any kind of engagement stimulates readers to comment, share and, in general, do things that will promote your blog. If you can’t sponsor it yourself, don’t be shy to ask other bloggers for help.

#6: Be active on other blogs

Surprisingly, you can get readers by posting interesting comments on other blogs. If you make quality presence somewhere else and earn the reputation of a knowledgeable person, people will want to know what you have to say in your own blog.

#7: Proofread!

It is very, VERY disrespectful to your readers when you neglect to re-read your writing. A single grammar mistake will undermine the credibility of your post, and three of them will send the reader away. Write, read, edit, proofread and then read once again.

#8: Don’t try to sound smarter than your readers

You should have a general idea of your target audience hence you can imagine what they know and what they don’t know. Your writing has to be simple and understandable. Otherwise, people will get mad and punish you by leaving.

#9: Do not be afraid to link to other blogs

It will show that you are ready to cooperate and not afraid of competition. Outbound links will soon earn you some gratitude from the bloggers you link to, hopefully in the form of links to your blog.

#10: Think about SEO

It won’t take much time to use the Keyword Planner, find a few relevant keywords and put them in your blog post title, subheadings and a few spots in the text itself. As compensation for the time spent, it will attract the traffic you desire so much.

Think out of the box and don’t be afraid to surprise your readers – they’ll come to appreciate it soon.

It is not hard to follow these rules, yet their efficiency is undoubted. If the popularity of your blog hasn’t soared at once, don’t get disappointed. It will take some time for readers to discover and get to love your writing.

About the author:

Tracy Baro is a freelance writer and editor at She has her educational related blog there, takes special interest in differences between various educational systems and provides consultations for students who choose their future careers. Tracy also writes on various topics for other popular resources.

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23 thoughts on “Surprise Them! 10 Steps to Making Your Blog Popular”

  1. Great ideas! Something that’s worked well for us would be included in #9. Host a link party! They’re fun for your blogging friends to join, and your readers will LOVE the fresh content! We use inlinkz to set ours up, and have a new theme every Wednesday morning.

    Oh, and in #7 – did you mean “grammatical mistake”? 😉

    Thanks for the super suggestions!

  2. Valid pointers ! I agree with you completely, its said every minute there are new 3 blogs created in almost every niche. So to stand up among the crowd , we really need to be distinct, genuine and a crowd puller from the start.

  3. Good points here! I think the final surprise is consistency. Managing to keep going with those 10 points where others fizzle out is one of the hardest things to accomplish!

  4. Thanks so much for #3! I just started blogging in April, but I tend to be a little lengthy in my writing. I notice some bloggers use a lot of large fonts, yet have very little actual content to their post. While I admire the quality of what is written, I feel like if I do the same, my content will suffer. I understand about not writing a dissertation, but I don’t want a super short write-up if a longer one does more justice to the topic of interest.
    Now if I can just get folks to comment!

  5. Great advise!
    I would add writing crisp and small sentences, using bullets where possible, avoiding unnecessary jargons and focusing on your writing. References are also good to have.

  6. This is a great post. All blogger want to make their blog more popular. I want to add here one thing, now Quality content is king so if blogger keep writting unique and quality content and do social sharing then it will be easy to make blog popular…


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