Organize Your Work With a Blogging Binder

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Do you have trouble keeping track of passwords for all the services you use to promote and manage your blog? Do you need a place to keep all of your printed receipts for tax purposes? Do you need a way to organize checklists and procedures in one place?

One tool that many blogger use to organize their blogging materials is a blogging binder. Even though it’s nice to have information stored online, sometimes it’s nice  to be able to access things in print.

Having a blogging binder allows you to have all of your important information in one place. If it’s properly organized, it will make it easy to access the information you need. Sometimes it’s quicker to find information in a binder than it would be to find the same information online.

A blogging binder can also serve as a backup in case your digital information is lost. Having an organized blogging binder can give you peace of mind.

Organize Your Work with a Blogging Binder - Blogelina

How to Organize Your Own Blogging Binder

  1. Find a three-ring binder that you can use for all of your blogging materials.
  2. Start collecting your blogging information, printouts, and notes. They can all be included in your blogging binder.
  3. Divide your binder into sections, and use tabs to make the information easier to find. You might want to have sections for stats, logins, notes, etc. Design your organizational system based on the materials you plan to include in your binder.
  4. If you don’t already have these pages in your binder, you might want to consider including the following pages:
    • A login/password page to keep all of your login info in one place. This is a huge time saver!
    • Statistics tracking sheets. This will help you measure your growth over time.
    • Calendar pages. You can use these for editorial calendars or marketing plans.
    • An expense tracker. Make sure you remember all of your blogging expenses.
    • Brainstorming sheets.
    • Contact information for VAs, tribe members, and ad networks.
    • Notes

There are a lot of great blog planning printables on Etsy, and some bloggers even offer their planners for free via their blogs. If you do a search for “blog planner printables” on Pinterest, you’re sure to find lots of options that will make your blog organized and pretty.

Having a blogging binder can help you feel more organized and “together.” It’s convenient to be able to grab your blogging binder to take with you to a coffee shop, or even a conference. Getting organized with a blogging binder can help you be more productive and efficient in your blogging work.

If you use a blogging binder, what other things do you include to make it your one stop shop, for all things blogging?

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33 thoughts on “Organize Your Work With a Blogging Binder”

  1. Oh my what a fantastic idea! I am trying to get a way to stay more organized. I have a little notebook, files on my computer, to do lists, etc… A binder would help me get more organized and save it all in one place. I can’t wait to tell my husband – I have a new vision! I like order, chaos is distracting and there is lots going on with a blog! Thanks for this idea!

    I even have a binder in mind at home!

  2. What a fantastic idea! I have been trying to get more organized and consistent with my blog posts and this is exactly what I need! I can’t wait to get started-thanks for the great ideas!

  3. I just worry about having a login / password page lying around. What if they house gets broken into and all your passwords are stolen along with the folder? I realize these are just blog passwords and not the ones for banking but still…
    I prefer to keep all my passwords in an encrypted file on DropBox.
    Otherwise I like your ideas here.

  4. People often undervalue the effect of having a visible offline touchstone for their blogging work. I would agree 500% 🙂 with Brainstorming sheets. One of my Blog Paws colleagues suggested that working out ideas on paper is a valuable addition to online work because you don’t ‘delete’ older ideas and these may be the key to discovering a killer topic or discovery for your site.

  5. Its really hard to organise files and keep the proper record of all the important files .
    Though I try to maintain it through note book and streaky notes for reminding my task.

    This blogging binder sounds interesting tools , I would like to explore it more.
    Thanks for introducing this tool with us .

  6. Great idea! I don’t have a physical binder, but I am very attached to Google Docs and Google Calendar! I keep all my lists there, ideas, and can stay organized that way and post things on time. Blogging has gotten a lot easier for me since I got organized!

    • Jebbica – I love the Google products, too – especially because everything is then accessible from one place. I’m all about anything that makes life easier. 😉

  7. I am a total binder geek, I have binders for everything, I don’t know why I didn’t think to have one for my blog?!?!?! Currently I keep all my blogging notes, reminders, brainstorming ideas etc in a spiral notebook, but where to put printouts to keep up with them….the blogger binder is BRILLIANT!!

  8. Having just gone back to using pen and paper for creating the initial draft of blog posts I very much agree with the idea of using a binder for storing ideas. Also, it is useful to be able to access information when offline. However, I agree with Troy, the idea of someone having access to all my passwords would worry me. I use LastPass as a password manager and the convenience of having really secure passwords accessible from any device I log on to makes life so much easier.

  9. This is a really helpful idea. I tried to be smart by having lots of different passwords to protect security. but I’m now forgetting a lot of them!

  10. I’m a bit obsessive when it comes to organization so I have a binder setup for blogging. I have a calendar in front where I log when I post then the sections are: weekly to do list, post ideas, long term goals, notes and references. I keep refining my weekly to do list but hope to make a printable once I have it where it works. Also, I agree with the previous poster. I keep a password protected file with all my passwords in dropbox so I always have them (as long as I never remember its password! 🙂 ). Anyway, I try not to go anywhere without my binder! 🙂 Great post!

  11. I have several checklists for monthly, daily, and weekly maintenance, etc. I pick up several free blogging planners, print what I need from them and leave the rest, so my papers are all mismatched 🙂

    • That actually sounds fun, Leslie! You have everything you need and it’s functional for you! Great idea!

  12. So, I have actually just finished putting my blog binder together. I did include some plastic page protectors so I can just store receipts there.

    I really do like this idea and look forward to coming down and opening my binder every morning. I tell you, I am very unorganized with my own content and affiliate links. I had to start organizing. Thank you very much!

    • You’re very welcome, Angela!! Good luck with your organization, it sounds like you’ve got a great system started.

  13. I’ve always kept track of my blogging ideas, editorial Calender, passwords, etc…, in my personal planner. Now I just need to remind myself to actually look in it. That’s where Google calendar comes into play. A girl can never have too many reminders.

  14. I really appreciate the insight here in this post and confident it’s going to be helpful to me and many others. It is now time to start to be more organized. Thanks for sharing all the information and the tips. They are really so useful for me.

  15. A statistics tracking sheets, calendar pages, and brainstorming pages are nice suggestions. Blogging can require keeping tabs on a lot of information and intermittent steps. Your list could help people overcome some of the hassles that come with that workload.


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