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Welcome to Blogelina’s Meeting of the Minds – Blog Link-up!

In 2015 we’re working to grow our community, and one fantastic way to grow and foster that kind of environment is to host a place where like minded individuals can share their best work and be seen by others.

We know there are a lot of link-ups out there, but we wanted to make ours unique, special and chock full of great information just for YOU. That way, you look forward to joining us each week.

Each week we will choose a theme, or a type of blogger, to link-up with us.

This week we’re looking for all Deal Bloggers to link-up their posts. We want to see all of your amazing posts.


Another, advantage of Blogelina’s Meeting of the Minds, is that we will feature a couple quotes from successful bloggers, right here, so that YOU can not only share your best content, but also learn and grow.

And last, but certainly not least – we will be choosing one or two blog posts to feature in the following week’s link-up. Sure we want to build our community, but WE want to help YOU build yours, too.

This Week’s Blogger Tips

Crystal from Money Saving Mom, shares her 7 Must-Read Books for Work-at-Home Moms. She explains, “I’ve found that it’s near impossible to successfully work from home if you’re not a good manager of your time. So I think books on time management are vitally important to read if you work from home or are considering working from home.”


As mom bloggers, we all tend to wear a ton of different hats! Lynsey from Moscato Mom shares how she does it all, in her post, How Does She Do It? – Time Management Tips. She advises, “First step is to make a list of “hats” that you wear – or what roles/responsibilities you have.  For instance, my hats (in no particular order) are 1 – Party Plan Divas Coach, 2 – Blogger for MoscatoMom, 3 – Top Mom Blogger coach, 4 – Guilty cook and writer, 5 – Personal/Mom/Wife/Friend.”


Our Weekly Reader Feature

We’re so excited, each week our link-up is growing and GROWING! We had 54 blogs link-up last week! This week we are happy to feature two amazing posts!

First,We have Erlene from My Pinterventures, and her post getting us ready for Easter. She shares a tutorial on how to make Moss Covered Bunnies.


Then, we have Maura from Happy Deal – Happy Day! She is sharing her post on how using Tailwind to schedule her Pins, helped increase her blog traffic.


Join Our Meeting of the Minds, and Link-up Below

We’d love it, if all our readers who have a mom blog, would link-up their fantastic posts below. We want to see what you’ve got!

Join us next week, where we’ll be featuring one of our bloggers who link-up with us today.

Next week we’ll be looking for all of our Homeschooling Bloggers to link-up and share their posts!

When it comes to being a deal blogger, where are some of the best places you’ve looked or found deals?

What area of deal blogging do you struggle with?

Share in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Meeting of the Minds – Deal Blogger – Link-Up”

  1. I was a deal blogger for many years, but I’ve now changed to a frugal lifestyle blogger. The best place to find deals, especially early in the morning so you can post them in time for readers to take advantage, is Slickdeals.

    • Hi Jennifer! We had mom bloggers last week, and have homeschooling bloggers next week. In regards to the children’s link-up, does your blog not fit in with either? What niche would better suit your blog?

  2. I posted last week too, I hope that’s okay. =) I’m a mixture of a mom/deal blogger. I know I don’t find ALL the deals, but I try to find rock-bottom prices at Kroger, Meijer, Aldi, and Sam’s, and post them on my blog.

  3. Thanks for giving the love to the deal bloggers this week! The hardest thing about being a deal blogger for me is trying to catch all the deals. Having younger children I do not have the time to sit on the computer all day. So I focus on my frugal living tips now and how we paid off our debt and do daily Best Bargains Post. So that way I can be a day ahead of posting and if I see an awesome deal I need to share I do so on social media!

    • So glad that we could spotlight the deal bloggers! Frugal living tips are always useful!! People are always looking for new ways to save money. Thank you for linking up!

  4. I haven’t quite found my niche but have only been doing this a couple of weeks. We menu plan and live on a budget and I’m going to be talking about that. I haven’t found a good way to talk about how we budget yet without going into numbers that I don’t want to share.


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