How To Use Keyword Research To Find New Blog Post Ideas

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how-to-use-keyword-research-to-find-new-blog-post-ideas-1Inspiration is a powerful thing, but sometimes it doesn’t come when you call it. For bloggers, there’s a lot of pressure to keep the ideas coming and the posts flowing, but what if you hit a block? Or worse, what if your content isn’t resonating with your readers? This is where keyword research can come in handy.

Today I’m going to show you my 3-step process for using keyword research, social media, and other tools to ultimately create a consistent flow of new blog post ideas that will never run dry.

How to Find Blog Post Ideas Using Keyword Research

There’s a careful balance between content that is optimized for search engines, and content that is optimized for your users. Striking this balance involves an understanding of what people want to read about, and an understanding of SEO.

Both of these things begin with keyword research, as any SEO services in the USA will tell you. This raw data helps you better understand how you can approach specific topics and benefit in both engagement and rankings. Let’s take a look at my process for using this method as a means of fueling your blog post ideas.

Step One: Seek Out Your Audience

When you perform keyword research, you need something to go on. A topic or concept for example. You have a niche that your blog focuses on, that will work perfectly, but if you want this process to work in the long-term you need to take that seed and let it grow.

Let’s say your blog is about fashion. This constantly changing industry is always ripe with new content ideas, especially on social media. Start by heading online to your typical platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Perform searches surrounding the latest fashion trends and look at the top performing content.

You should also look at your competition and see what they have been posting recently. You may even discover new competitors you didn’t know about before. Take these sites and plug them into a tool like Buzzsumo. While the free version of this tool can only be used once per day, it allows you to see which content is performing the best for your competitors on social media.

Write down some of these broad concepts as you’ll need them later. At this point, you just need to know what your audience is talking about.

Step Two: Perform Your Research

Now that you have some topics and concepts, the next step is to perform your keyword research. I have several tools I like to use, but these are the top two:

  • Google Keyword Planner – This tool allows you to plug in basic ideas and get keyword suggestions based on what you entered. You’ll also get to see search volume, which is great for deciding how popular a topic like that may be. Don’t forget to look for long-tail keywords as these have great potential and low competition!
  • – This tool is incredible for raw data. A free account is all you need, and then you can enter a very broad topic. This will generate tons of autocomplete suggestions and keywords for you to consider. A favorite tool of mine!

As you find keywords that are getting traction, you’ll also notice that these keywords represent topics for you to use in your posts.

Now, time for the final step!

Step Three: Put Your Ideas Together

Think of your keywords like puzzle pieces. The final step is to see how they all fit together. You no doubt came up with many different topics that could possibly fit together. Create your own posts based on the keywords that are working, and research them further to find even more content to inspire that idea.

Every time you start to run out of keywords, you can repeat this process again to find new ones. Just like that, you have an endless fountain of inspiration!

Final Thoughts

Keyword research is the foundation of good SEO, but it can also be used to pinpoint topics that are performing well and being searched by people in your audience. Now, if only you could find the time you need to write all of these blog posts!

How do you come up with blog post ideas? Have you tried this clever process?

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  1. Kudos! I was searching for such informative post for ages. I am a good writer by myself, so I have started writing a blog recently. But finding new blog ideas every day is a tough task. Thanks for sharing this blog. The keyword is most important part of every blog post as they help to improve the rankings. I will use all three steps mentioned by you for blog posting next time.

  2. Such a great tips. Thanks for sharing information about Keyword research. These information is very useful. Read many articles on this topic, but there are very unique with a lot more informative. Thanks

  3. Way to go. Looks like next time when I run out of ideas, I would have no excuse but to remind myself of this article again. The table of content hack is a gem by the way, as you’re tapping into a market that’s been proven to work.


  4. I really liked the post and the information. I am new to the business and, in time, will know what I need to write about versus what I want to write about. I think that might better be left for my book I am working on.


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