How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

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How do you respond to compliments? Are you quick to say, “It was no big deal,” or do you believe the compliment was sincere?5 BIG (9)

Some bloggers are their own worst critics and truly can’t accept a compliment from a blogging associate or reader. Sure, we all want our readers to be happy with the info they’re getting from our blogs but if they email to give you a testimonial, do you truly believe their words or think they just want their name on your site?

Learn How To Take A Compliment

Every time you are dismissive with a compliment, you are inadvertently putting yourself down, which can give the impression of bad self-esteem or that you don’t care about the reader’s input. If your reader praises your blog and you respond with, “Oh, it was no big deal; anyone could have done it,” you’re not putting enough value on your work or your skill. It’s almost like giving your reader permission to go search for ‘anyone’ because you said the job was so easy. You may be trying to appear humble but instead it can be misconstrued as being unsure or uncaring.

Instead, consider saying, “Thanks so much. I worked really hard on that project. I’m so glad you liked it.” Just in those three sentences you convey confidence that you don’t hear in the previous response. You also reinforce that you take the necessary time to complete the project instead of trying to skip steps just to get done quickly.

NO One Is Perfect

Some bloggers get stuck in a perfectionistic mindset, thinking they can’t possibly move forward with a project until the last step is just perfect. Since there is no such thing as perfection, this is a never-ending cycle that can completely stall a blog. Instead of being unhappy that a project isn’t moving ahead fast enough, take 5 minutes to think about all the steps you’ve already accomplished on the road to completing this project.

Even Your Small Accomplishments Count!

Another way to invigorate your blogging spirit and to help see the proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is to give yourself small rewards when you complete these small and medium sized goals. Make sure these rewards are something that you truly will enjoy – whether it’s the latest blogging book on your reading wish list or a new computer program. As we mentioned before, looking at the big picture can be very daunting so even though your long-term goal is the ultimate reward, setting smaller rewards will help spark your enthusiasm again.

Remember, you are unique and you have a unique set of skills which has propelled you into a blog owner. What you offer to your readers or visitors may come easy to you but it won’t come easy to them. In fact, if you tried to explain what you do, it might sound like a foreign language to them. Even if you’re just starting out, purchasing your domain name and setting up a web hosting account or taking an online class are big accomplishments! Be proud of the little things and the big things…they will all add up to your ultimate success.

How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic - Blogelina

7 thoughts on “How To Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic”

  1. I think you’ve just described me (oops). I’m going to try and take you advice.

    Thanks for writing this. Sometimes I need a kick in the right direction.

    Hmm, slightly worried I’m doing it just by writing this comment – oh well, I’ll start in a minute 🙂

  2. I Agree no body is ever said was going to be easy 🙂 want more compliment try same of the natural treatment by clicking on my name 😀 btw great article . Thank You

  3. This is a great reminder. As I began my blogging journey I was totally unprepared for the emotional ups and downs. “Yeah I got a comment….what only one comment?” etc. It’s important for me to remember the true reason I do this blog (to offer support to others, so one person helped is a job well done). I am always so thankful when someone takes the time to jot down a quick comment!

  4. Whenever I write something, I take a lot of time to critic it thus sometimes I feel I end up diluting the whole essence of the article.Your post is timely and will hopefully help me out of this dilemma.


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