How to Move From Blogger to WordPress: The E-Book

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 NOTE: This ebook is no longer available – instead, we highly recommend our new Blogger To WordPress Transfer Kit which gives you all the tools and tutorials that you need to move your blog!

This e-book says that it is “A Comprehensive Guide, so you don’t miss a step!” and it’s not lying!

This incredibly detailed book takes you through each and every step of the whole process, explaining the why’s and how’s and when’s of everything!

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to Configure Your WordPress Blog
  • Important Differences Between Blogger and WordPress
  • Importing Your Content from Blogger
  • Working with Your Layout in WordPress
  • How to Transfer Your Blog
  • A Checklist of All the Transfer Steps
  • and so much more!

If you’re looking for a resource that will carefully walk you through each step of the migration process, including all the details you need to know along the way, this is the e-book for you!

Get your copy today: How to Move from Blogger to WordPress: The E-Book

If you’d rather have your transfer done for you, be sure to take a look at Blogelina unbelievably low priced Blogger to WordPress Transfer Package – you get a free year of hosting included!

7 thoughts on “How to Move From Blogger to WordPress: The E-Book”

  1. Thanks for the tip on posting my blog url ( on my email signature, I already do! I missed your blogspot to wordpress twitter party, but would still like to do it. I still haven’t set up the free GoDaddy hosting account you gave me but just need to find the time and figure out how to use it! Would love if you’d also be a “Follower” of my blog… Do “Followers” transfer when a site migrates from Blogspot to WP?


    Janice (Consultant Number 3313)

  2. I was thinking about buying this book, but wondering if you have any idea why it is discounted from the original $35 price to only $5. I’m all about cheaper, but does this mean the content is no longer relevant? Any ideas??

  3. Whenever I click on the link to get the ebook it says this “Merchant, Product, Affiliate relation, Affiliate percentage or the Hop link has been removed. Please contact the merchant.” Is it not available anymore?


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