How Guest Blogging Can Expand Your Reach

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Guest blogging exposes your writing and blog to new audiences.  The question can be asked:

Why put all the work into writing for someone else’s blog when I could put it to good use on my own blog?

And that is a totally legitimate question.  The answer is because guest blogging expands your reach.  You are exposing your blog to readers who have never heard of you before! And when they love what they see in your guest post, there’s a high likelihood that they will head over to your blog and become your readers, too.

Tips for being a successful guest blogger:

  • Write exceptionally. Write like you’re writing for your own blog.  Write something you’re really proud of.  Give your best.  Your best is most likely to be accepted by other blogs… and their readers.
  • Do a little research. Get to know the blogs that you want to guest post for.  Find out what the blog author might need, what content is interesting to him or her and their readers.
  • Write specifically for that blog. Once you know more about the other blog, write your guest post just for that blog.  What needs can you be meeting for them?
  • Get right to the point. When you submit your post to another blog, don’t be too wordy.  Bloggers are busy people so be brief.  Give them what they need to know: Introduce yourself and your blog, introduce your post, and include your post in your email. Make accepting your blog post as easy for them to do as possible.
  • Include your own bio. Again, making it as easy as possible to host you as a guest blogger.  Write your own introduction, including a link to your blog.
  • Make sure your own blog is ready. Give the readers who will visit through your guest post something great to look at and read when they visit your blog!  Show them that they’re going to want to subscribe and stick around to find out about all the other great blogging you have to offer.

Invite Guest Posts on Your Blog

Hosting guest bloggers on your own blog is a great way to expand your reach, as well.  Besides the obvious bonus of having content to share with your readers that you didn’t have to write, publishing guest posts can increase your blog traffic.  More than likely, the blogger writing the post will send his or her readers your way to read what they have written.

So, again – bingo – more traffic, more readers, more subscribers!

Tips for successfully Hosting Guest Posts:

  • Make your blog presentable. Your blog needs to be attractive to the bloggers you would want writing for you.
  • Create a “Write for Me” Page. Let readers know that you’re open to accepting guest posts.  Outline what you’re looking for – make it as easy as possible to write a guest post for your blog.
  • Approach other bloggers. Find bloggers in your niche and offer to do a guest post exchange.
  • Give credit where credit is due. Make sure that your guest blogger gets the attention they deserve.  Make it clear that they have written the post and where to find them.

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