Guest Post: Moments in the Day

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This is a reader submission from Sally.

Being moms we only have so much time.

When we are not working or doing EVERYTHING for our family, we are constantly worrying about what is going on (except for later in the day, when we’ve pulled the sound curtains and don’t care about anything except the moment when we can sink into that luscious overstuffed armchair and curl up with a good book). Adding a blog can therefore be…well…a little intimidating. After all, what free time we do have is never planned, and if it is we are so happy to have it that filling the time with something else seems almost sacrilegious.

If you are interested in a blog, here are some helpful hints that will remove the angst:

The Myths

I had to start here. These are the three big ones. I dispel all of them in this article.

  • Myth: You need a set block of time to blog. Fact: Moments make up our lives and those moments are the things you want to talk about. Take advantage of those moments. How? Read on chica…
  • Myth: You need to write about something that people care about. Fact: Who cares about Jersey Shore? No one until it was put on the air. You have something to say, so say it! Don’t let someone else dictate your content. The moment you start talking about it people will care…you may even be surprised just how much they care .
  • Myth: I don’t have time. Fact: I explain this very well. To reiterate, read on…


1. The Idea

  • If you want a blog, you probably already have this checked off your list. Breathe a sigh of relief; this is the first BIG step and you got it done! It has to be a subject that you can write about, and write about, and write about, and comment about, and write about again. The last thing you want is that lurking blog in the background of your mind giving you one more thing to worry about.
  • Don’t have an idea? What are your interests? Sit down with your favorite cup of coffee (the morning works best for me, before everyone is up) and jot down some ideas that you may have, and then rank them from high-to-low. The idea is that you find the best idea for you. This is fun AND you may just learn something new about yourself in the process.

2. The Notes

  • Free time is non-existent sometimes, so keep a note-pad, IPad, ITouch, IPhone, or whatever you can use to keep your thoughts recorded somewhere. Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) says that some women are hit with momentary inspiration and have the ability to send it onto the paper, like a train coming out of tunnel. She, on the other hand, had to work it out on the paper. Whichever category you find yourself in, nothing beats keeping a journal. There are exceptions…like, say, in the shower or if you are driving somewhere and an idea hits you. Wait until you can write it down safely. Trust me on this…paper doesn’t respond well to wet hands, and neither does technology.

3. The Schedule

  • We all want others to read our work…isn’t that the point of a blog? You will be surprised how relevant your topic is (or will become) if you are consistent in writing for your blog. There are 100’s of thousands of blogs out there about every topic. What is the difference between them? Consistency. The wit, humor, seriousness, emotion, and love that you harbor within yourself will translate onto the screen if you dedicate yourself to the screen. Set a realistic schedule for yourself, and stick to it. Don’t get overzealous and say, “I’ll write everyday (or every week)” if it is not possible. Your blog, your voice, your schedule. Yours. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

These three things helped change my desire to write from a hope into action. Using those moments in the day are what will enable you to get to that point. Happy blogging!

Author Bio: My name is Sally, and I am a sucker for a great infomercial or flashy advertisements. When it comes to dieting and fitness, I spend way too much money each month on massages, hair products, diets, food, fitness equipment, personal trainers, and gym memberships. Read my blog at

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  1. No matter how many times I hear it I struggle with the fact that consistency makes the biggest difference in blogging success. I blog consistently for a few weeks to a month and then life happens and I can’t post for a week or two. It is one of my big goals for 2015.


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