If You're Just Getting Started With Blogging And You Don't Know Where To Begin...

If You've Been Blogging For A While And You Just Aren't Seeing The Results You'd Like To See...

If You Just Want To Be Sure That Your Blog Is On The Right Track...

If You've Ever Felt Stuck In Your Blogging... 

We're Here To Help YOUR Blog Succeed!

Here's What We'll Do For You & Your Blog...

To Get Your Blog To Where You Want It To Be!

Check Your Blog Setup

We'll do a quick diagnostic on your blog to make sure there's nothing holding it back from running in top form.

Look At Your Layout

Sometimes things can get in the way of your readers using your blog to it's full potential. We'll let you know if we see anything!

Design Detail Suggestions 

If you're not quite happy with your blog design, we'll make some actionable suggestions to help you take it to the next level.

Your Own Site Speed Test

We'll see where you might be able to improve your speed - which is important because a lot of people will leave a slow moving site in a heartbeat.

We'll Listen To What You Say...

You tell us what's bothering you about your blog and we'll give you at least one solution to help you fix it.

Give You 5 Suggestions

These are suggestions you can ACTUALLY apply to your blogging - they'll be actionable and concrete.

Everything Is Custom

We look at YOUR blog, listen to YOUR sturggles and put together a plan that YOU can use.

Create Your Own Video

Here's where we lay it all out and walk you through how YOU can make a difference in your blogging today! 

What Our Clients Say


"Tanya at Blogelina was so helpful, giving me such valuable information, ideas, and feedback. I found her information to be beneficial and will definitely be implementing her great ideas.. Thank you again Tanya for all your help! 

-Susan, leanintothelord.com

"I have truly enjoyed working with (Tanya). You have been such a tremendous help to me and to a couple of my clients already, and I cannot thank you enough!"


"I found the information very interesting and useful and I will apply it to my blog. I believe this information will help me to create better content and manage the blog more efficiently."


"(Tanya) opened my eyes to the adventures and challenges of blogging. I am excited to continue with my journey and I feel confident with the skills I have gained."