Guest Post: Blog Writing Tips – 7 Places to Find New Post Topics

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This is a guest post by Angie.

Whether you are a new blogger or an old-timer, some days you just don’t feel there is anything left to write. You have already said it. The blogger around the corner has already said it. What is the point? Don’t despair. There is an endless supply of potential blog post topics just a few clicks away.

Other Blogs

Other blogs in your niche can often provide you with writing prompts. Don’t worry about saying what they said. You are not copying their content. If you find a topic that you have had a different experience or have a differing opinion, you can share those things on your blog. Someone out there has likely already written about every potential topic already – but they haven’t done it from your point-of-view and with your voice.

The News

Regardless of your niche, you can likely incorporate a few news events into your content. This is a great opportunity to keep your readers informed about industry changes, new tools and great tips as they become available.

Your Own Connections

Your inbox, comments and social networking profiles may be full of post ideas. If your readers reach out to you for advice, repurpose those responses into blog posts. If they are curious about something, your other readers may be as well.

Yahoo! Answers

If your inbox, comments and social profiles are a little quiet, turn to Yahoo! Answers. Do a search for a keyword or phrase relevant to your blog’s topic and see what people are inquiring about. These are questions your readers may have also.

Article Directories

EzineArticles is an article directory. Rather than using it as a publishing platform however, we can use it to brainstorm new ideas. Create an account. Hit the Title Suggestions under your Author Tools, and see what EzineArticles thinks people want to know more about. Use these titles for your own blog or to create guest posts.

Guest Posts

Speaking of guest posts, open your blog to submission from your fellow bloggers. Allowing guest posts will not only relieve some of the writing pressure, those guest posters may bring their readers over for a day.

Google Keywords

While we do not want to write strictly for search engines, Google Keyword Tool can provide us with potential post topics. These are things people are searching for after all. You have the opportunity to provide them with information they are seeking.

No matter how desperate you are for a post, always stay on topic. Never be afraid to take the day off if you are at a complete loss for words. Spend that time out and about brainstorming and getting inspired.

Are You Stuck For Topics To Write About?

Let’s do some brainstorming – share in the comments below!

Angie Nelson is a Virtual Assistant, blogger and founder of The Work at Home Wife where she shares tips, tools and information necessary to become a successful home business owner. From home-based business ideas to how to make money blogging, The Work at Home Wife can help you make money from home. 

11 thoughts on “Guest Post: Blog Writing Tips – 7 Places to Find New Post Topics”

  1. Thanks for the tip about Ezine Articles, Angie. I have a writer account there, but I never considered using it for post ideas.

    Great post!

  2. I very much like Yahoo Answers for getting ideas and getting traffic to my websites.
    I already have level 5 account there with huge credibility so each and every answer gets at leas few visitors and all they are summing up in great visitor base.

    Thanks Angie for rest of ideas!

  3. I love the idea of Yahoo answers! I hadn’t thought about that one before. The other day I was reading a magazine that would be one of interest to my readers. I noticed that the article names on the front would make good topics to write blog posts about!

    • Magazines are one of my favorite places for a few reasons, Emily.

      1. Very few bloggers go “offline” to find topic ideas.
      2. Magazine readers looking for more information are likely going “online” to find it. This provides the perfect opportunity to get them to your blog.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I find that Google keyword tool has been of great help when I’m stuck – and the best thing is that it accomplishes two things at once, it gives you ideas, and it tells you what is more likely to drive traffic to your website!


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