Blog Hack Mondays – How To Back Up Your WordPress Blog With Plugins

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Welcome back to week number 2 of the Blog Hack Monday feature!

Blogging is all about writing, right? And, while using a computer to write is a wonderful and magical thing, there’s always the potential that if things aren’t saved or backed-up properly, you could lose them. That would be devastating!

This quick video will teach you how to back-up your blog with plugins so that you no longer have to worry about losing your precious work.

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18 thoughts on “Blog Hack Mondays – How To Back Up Your WordPress Blog With Plugins”

  1. Great post – thank YOU! I have been avoiding this for a while now because I wasn’t sure how to easily back up my site. I just completed it in less than five minutes! Whew! Since my work laptop died last year, I KNOW how easily these things can happen and how painful it can be to replace lost work.

    I love the quick 2 minute video format – I’d love to see more hacks on useful plug-ins!

  2. I’m super excited to put this into practice! I’ve been looking for a way to back-up my blog and this is perfect!!

  3. Hi Tanya,

    Thanks for the very useful post. I just wonder why dint you mention the plugin name in teh post. Sometime it is not possible to video from office network.

    Thank anyway though.

  4. Thanks for sharing great tip along with video guide. Which make it easy for me to go through and try this spectacular plugin for back-up my blog.

    Once again thanks for sharing such an excellent post 🙂


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