Beating The Blogging Blues – Focusing & Staying Motivated Even When It’s Difficult

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If you are very busy then you may find it difficult to keep yourself motivated and also focused on the task at hand. So how can you juggle an equal balance between work and motivation and work and focus?

Improving Your Focus

You may begin to lose focus on the task at hand while you are working. This happens to many people and you are not alone. To overcome this, you need to learn how to remain focused even when times may be difficult to do so. Check out these tips for staying focused throughout the day.

  • Rest is Essential

If you are not well rested, you will not be able to concentrate. Rest helps improve the functionality of your brain and if you are working on only a couple hours of sleep then you may find your mind wandering.

  • Planning is Critical

You can stay better focused on something when you make a plan for yourself. This allows you to know what needs to be done and it keeps your mind on track.

  • Healthy Eating and Exercise Will Boost Focus

Did you know that eating better and exercising will help you focus more? You will feel energized and you will be able to concentrate a lot better if you fill your body with healthy foods. Exercising helps your body relax and feel better overall.

  • Frequent Breaks Boost Focus

If you are sitting and staring at the same thing in the same place all of the time, your mind will wander. If you are working on a long project make sure you take some breaks. These breaks do not need to be long but you should simply get up and walk around or get some fresh air every 90 minutes or so.

Getting up and moving around will allow your mind to relax and take a break. When you begin working again, you will be able to focus.

  • Avoid Social Media

Social media is one thing that catches a lot of people and is a huge time waster if you spend too much time on it. Social media has a way of drawing you in and you never want to get off. This can hurt your productivity and leave you wondering why you didn’t just complete your work earlier.

If you need to check your social media and email, do so when you take a break. One tip is to set a time when you do all of your email and social media checking. Simply set a time such as every hour to check and respond to emails, feedback, and comments. This will help keep you focused on your task at hand and eliminate the constant stopping and refreshing your page.

Staying Motivated is More than Just Concentrating

Keeping yourself motivated can prove to be difficult if you do not have any drive to finish what you are doing. If there is no driving factor behind what you are doing, what incentive do you have to complete the job? Below are some steps to help keep you motivated and productive during the work day.

  • List Your Reasons

You can stay motivated while working on something if you make a list of the reasons why you want to accomplish the goal. Maybe you will receive a huge commission or gain a new client. Whatever the reason is, write it down. It will give you something to work towards.

  • Reward Yourself Nicely

Rewards go a long way and you will be able to stay motivated if you have something to look forward to. You can reward yourself with anything from a night out with your spouse to that new pair of shoes you have been eyeing.

  • Make the Task Fun

When you work on a project that you dislike, you lose motivation if you are not enjoying what you are doing. This happens in many cases and is the reason why projects can fail. You can simply enjoy what you are doing by making the project fun. Find something about the project that you like and run with it.

  • Notice Your Accomplishments

Track your progress on the job you are working on and monitor it. When you begin to see the list of things you need to do going down, you will gain more motivation to continue. Milestones help you stay focused and motivated the entire time.

Have You Ever Felt The Blogging Blues?

What did you do to re-motivate yourself?  What’s motivating your right now?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Beating The Blogging Blues – Focusing & Staying Motivated Even When It’s Difficult”

  1. You mention thinking about your reasons for doing the work like a commission or client but I want to add that if you find something you are doing doesn’t seem to have any good reasons, then maybe you should re-evaluate what you are doing. For example if the type of post you find yourself writing a lot for a company is something you dread doing, maybe it’s because you have been accepting too little compensation to make it worth it or it’s not a good fit for you to be writing about.

  2. There can be many reasons for de motivation that our blog is not gaining enough traffic, we are not making money as anticipated when starting the blog…. and many more reasons… To keep up the motivation all we need is passion in what ever we do , there are so many things that can go wrong but when we are passionate enough we learn from those mistakes and deliver better. The key to stay focusses is to be passionate in what ever we do so that when we hit the bottom we can always get back to stream.

  3. So its really hard to blog daily? Nope, Well, one way to keep yourself motivated is to remind yourself that eventually, your hard work will pay off in terms of getting more and better offers.

  4. On the other hand social media can be a good source of inspiration. For instance, today there is a story all over the place about a certain airline who somehow posted a dirty picture on Twitter. Ok, so what can we take from that? How about an article or post on why you need to protect your accounts or passwords? There is a big internet virus going around. More reason to change your passwords. There is another post. Here is another- How to create a strong password. And where to store your passwords.
    So yes, it CAN be a time sucker if you let it but can also be a muse.

  5. The big thing that gets in my way is my life! Since my Grandma no longer drives and I am a stay-at-home, I’m the one driving her to her doctor appointments and to do her shopping. I’m also an active PTA member. Lately, I feel like things have just taken over and my blogging is suffering. I’m working on scheduling better and time management so I hope things will change very soon!

  6. It is really difficult to stay Motivated when your Blog is not doing very well. To stay motivated, I would advise you guys to read Success Stories and Blogging Quotes.They really help a lot at least for me.

    Thanks for Writing this beautiful Article.
    Motivation is really critical for Blogging.
    Trust me.



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