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Module 1 – Web Marketing IntroductionMoney Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

  1. How to Register a Domain Name
  2. cPanel Web Hosting from HostGator
  3. cPanel Web Hosting from HostCommando
  4. How to Change Your DNS in Godaddy
  5. How to Change Your DNS in NameCheap
  6. How to Download and Install FileZilla FTP
  7. How to Connect to Your Host Using FileZilla
  8. How to Manage Your Websites in FileZilla
  9. A Brief Introduction to Using cPanel
  10. Creating Email Accounts in cPanel
  11. Checking Your Webmail in cPanel
  12. Blocking Spam With Spam Assassin in cPanel
  13. Creating Autoresponders in cPanel
  14. Introduction to Using File Manager
  15. Compressing Files with File manager
  16. Editing File Permissions in File Manager
  17. Uploading Files Using File Manager
  18. Creating FTP Accounts in cPanel
  19. Managing File Index in cPanel
  20. Creating a MySQL Database in cPanel
  21. Password Protected Directories in cPanel
  22. Cloaking and Redirect Links in cPanel
  23. Creating Sub-Domains in cPanel
  24. Creating Addon Domains in cPanel
  25. Creating Backups in cPanel

Module 2 – WordPress Introduction

  1. Installing WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
  2. Installing WordPress with HostCommando
  3. Installing WordPress Manually via FTP – Part 1
  4. Installing WordPress Manually via FTP – Part 2
  5. How To Clean Up A New WordPress Blog
  6. How to Change Your Permalinks Structure
  7. How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard
  8. How to Create New Posts in WordPress
  9. How to Create New Pages in WordPress
  10. How to Create Links in Posts
  11. How to Create Blogroll Links
  12. How to Manage Comments in WordPress
  13. How to Edit Your Comment Policy
  14. How to Use and Format Images in WordPress
  15. How To Install Plugins Automatically
  16. How to Upgrade / Delete Plugins Automatically
  17. How to Upload and Install Plugins Manually
  18. How to Install WordPress Themes Automatically
  19. How to Upgrade WP Themes Automatically
  20. How to Upload and Install Themes Manually
  21. How to Customize Your Theme Menus
  22. How to Customize The Default WordPress Theme
  23. How to Use WordPress Widgets in The Sidebar
  24. Using The Akismet Spam Plugin
  25. Controlling Spam in WordPress
  26. How to Create A Contact Form in WordPress
  27. How to Customize Your Contact Form
  28. How to Create a Testimonials Page / Sidebar
  29. Adding and Managing Users in WordPress
  30. Inserting Audio or MP3 Files into WordPress
  31. Customizing Your Audio Player for WordPress
  32. Getting and Using Gravatars for Your Blog

Module 3 – Advanced Blog / WordPress Tips

  1. How to Upgrade WordPress Using cPanel
  2. How to Delete WordPress Using cPanel
  3. Upgrading WordPress Automatically Via The Dashboard
  4. How to Install and Set-up Windows Live Writer
  5. How to Use Windows Live Writer to Write Content
  6. Installing New Plugins in Windows Live Writer
  7. How to Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog
  8. How to Edit Your WordPress Theme
  9. How to Create a Static Front Page in WordPress
  10. Introduction to Getting a FeedBurner Account
  11. Redirecting Your Default RSS Feed to Feedburner
  12. Creating Static Pages with WP Super Cache
  13. Using Google Analytics with WordPress
  14. Introduction to Using Disqus
  15. Installing & Using Disqus with WordPress
  16. Moderating Disqus Comments in WordPress
  17. Introduction to Using Google Analytics
  18. Thesis Theme – Setting Up and Editing Permissions
  19. Thesis Theme – Customizing Your Thesis Design
  20. Thesis Theme – Modifying Your NWindows Media Playergation Bar
  21. Thesis Theme – Search Engine Optimization
  22. Thesis Theme – Using Thesis Hooks

Module 4 – Make Money Blogging

  1. Quick Start Guide to Google AdSense
  2. Setting Up and Using New Adsense Ads
  3. Publishing Free Articles on Your Blog
  4. Quick Start Guide to ClickBank
  5. How to Create and Use a ClickBank Hoplink
  6. How to Use The ClickBank HopAd Builder
  7. Automatically Convert Keywords to Affiliate Links
  8. CJ – Introduction to Commission Junction
  9. CJ – Overview of Merchant Program and Offers
  10. CJ – Finding and Joining Profitable Merchants
  11. CJ – Creating Banner and Product Links
  12. CJ – Using Smartzones to Manage Banners
  13. How to Manage Banner Ads Using WordPress
  14. Adding YouTube Videos to WordPress Automatically
  15. Introduction to Using Text Link Ads
  16. Adding Text Link Ads to WordPress
  17. WP Wishlist Member – Membership Plugin Set-up
  18. WP Wishlist Member – Multiple Membership Levels
  19. WP Wishlist Member – Configuring Your Settings
  20. WP Wishlist Member – Sequential Upgrades

Module 5 – SEO and Link Building

  1. Using WordTracker for Keyword Research
  2. Using Google Keyword Tools for Keyword Research
  3. Managing Your Keywords With a Spreadsheet
  4. Using The All-In-One SEO Pack for WordPress
  5. Using The Google XML Sitemap Generator
  6. SEOPressor: Introduction to SEOPressor
  7. SEOPressor: Optimizing Your SEO Score
  8. SEOPressor: Optimizing for Autoblogging
  9. Introduction to Link Building Methods
  10. Introduction to Using
  11. Submitting Your Blog to 3WayLinks
  12. Creating a 3WayLinks Page with WordPress
  13. Adding Blogs to Article Marketing Automation
  14. Submitting Articles in Article Marketing Automation
  15. Installing the SEO Rank Checker Plugin
  16. Monitoring Your Search Engine Rankings

Module 6 – RSS To Email (List Building)

  1. How to Signup for a $1.00 Aweber Trial
  2. A Quick Start Guide to Using Aweber
  3. How to Set-Up Your Aweber List – Part 1
  4. How to Set-Up Your Aweber List – Part 2
  5. Creating an Autoresponder Sequence in Aweber
  6. How to Create an Aweber Broadcast
  7. Creating Aweber Web Forms – Part 1
  8. Creating Aweber Web Forms – Part 1
  9. Inserting Aweber Forms in Your WordPress Blog
  10. How to Create an Aweber RSS Broadcast

Module 7 – Social Networking

  1. Google Buzz – Introduction and Overview
  2. Google Buzz – Customizing Your Buzz Profile
  3. Twitter: Introduction to Using Twitter
  4. Twitter: Inserting Short Links Into Posts
  5. Twitter: Creating Lists and Organizing Followers
  6. Twitter: Using The “Retweet” Feature
  7. Introduction to Using Tweet Deck
  8. Customizing Your Tweet Deck Aplication
  9. Intoduction to TweetMeme
  10. Integrating TweetMeme with WordPress
  11. Integrating the WordBook Plugin for WordPress
  12. Introduction to FaceBoook for Blogs
  13. Creating Your Own FaceBook App for WordPress
  14. Customizing Your FaceBook Application
  15. Adding a “Like” Button on Your Blog
  16. Adding a “Fan Box” FaceBook Widget on Your Blog
  17. Promoting Your FaceBook Application
  18. Getting Social Traffic with Meebo
  19. Integrating Meebo with WordPress
  20. Adding Buttons to Your Meebo Bar

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