9 Powerful Freebie Examples That Will Grow Your Email List Like A Boss & Some Actual Resources

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Do you have an email list? Are you looking to grow one? If so one of the best ways to grow your tribe is by offering a freebie that people cannot turn away.

Sure you can offer incredible content on a weekly, bi-weekly or even more frequent basis – but if you really want people to enter their email address into the “subscribe” box, then you should really consider offering your readers something in exchange for their email addresses.

When it comes to offering freebies, the sky’s the limit, but you definitely want to ensure that you are providing something specific to your niche that will be of value to your readers. For instance, if you are a mommy blogger, offering something like, “9 Ways to Grow Your Blog Traffic” you’re not likely to garner very many subscribers.

People visit your blog because they like you and the content you provide – stick with what you know! Provide your readers with something they simply can’t say no to!

Since the majority of our readers are bloggers, we wanted to take some time today to show you 9 different examples of useful AND successful email opt-ins from around the web, and some actual resources, too.

9 Powerful Freebie Examples to Grow Your Email List Like A Boss

9 Freebie Examples to Give Away to Grow Your Email List

The eCourse

Creating a whole eCourse can be daunting, but if you create a “mini” course, you can offer that to your readers, which could lead to a huge email return.

  • Want to grow the traffic to your blog? Quick Sprout can help with that! They have a FREE eCourse that will help you increase blog traffic in 30 days.

Free Membership to Online Content

If you have loads of content that you’ve written and never published, you can create a private area that only subscribers to your website can get to.

  • You’ve likely heard of the Copyblogger site, but did you know that by subscribing to their blog, you can receive free membership to their treasure trove of online content?
  • The Nectar Collective has a huge amount of stellar content (worksheets & eBooks), that you can gain access to, simply by subscribing to their mailing list.


Whether you’ve already written a book, or are planning to write a book – You can offer a snippet, or the whole thing to your readers as an opt-in for joining your mailing list.

  • Here at Blogelina, we give away a great resource – 37 Ways To Market Your Blog In Just 15 Minutes A Day. By subscribing to our mailing list, you will receive this ebook for free.
  • Henneke from Enchanting Marketing offers a 16-part writing course that is provided to you in snack-able bits, so that you can tackle things little by little.
  • If you’re a work at home parent, or if you work outside the home, you are likely constantly trying to make more time in your day. Michael Hyatt’s eBook, Shave 10 Hours Off Your Workweek, can help you find the time you need.

The Cheat Sheet

Maybe you’ve tested and retested a method of doing something for your blog, and you just KNOW your process works. Offering that as a cheat sheet to your followers could lead to a giant surge in your subscribers.

  • Jon Morrow from Boost Blog Traffic offers a cheat sheet for writing blog posts that will go viral, simply by providing him with your email address.
  • Do you ever wonder why one person can be incredibly productive and another struggles to find any focus? This cheat sheet from Blog Genie can help you create the plan you need to get focused.
  • CoSchedule is known for creating some sort of template for almost every one of their posts. By subscribing to their mailing list, you get that particular template and are then notified of future posts, where you can download that information as well.

Valuable Webinars

If you love being on camera, then creating webinars that are of value to your readers would be just the ticket for you to bump up your list.

  • If you sign-up for Moz’s email list, you get access to a ton of different Mozinars (their word for webinars), both future and their previous ones.

Offering Your Services

Are you an expert at something? You could offer your readers a free assessment or audit – depending on what your niche is.

  • Abagail from Think Creative offers a large mix of items for joining her mailing list, but one of the most appealing may be her brand assessment. She also offers bonus printables and weekly inspiration in her newsletters.


Perhaps you’re a wiz when it comes to creating beautiful graphics and useful documents, then offering free printables to your readers would be perfect for you.


If you can compare one piece of information to another, and do it in a way that is interesting and will engage your audience, then you should definitely produce a report.

Useful Tools

Is there something that you just cannot live without when you blog? Or, if you’re a mommy blogger, maybe you have 10 tools that helped you survive the first year of your child’s life, that type of information can be packaged up and provided to your subscribers.

You certainly don’t need a freebie to get people to sign-up for your mailing list, but when there are individuals who are offering such amazing content, as above, it will definitely help you increase your followers and build your tribe.

Do you have any other freebies that you just adore, that weren’t listed above?

Do you offer a freebie on your blog? If so, what is it?

Share in the comments below!



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  1. Is there a way to encourage signing up by email instead of the ‘follow’ button that automatically appears on WordPress sites? I am writing a novel on my site and rarely have comments, don’t use many pix and most of my followers just hit the ‘follow’ button. How do you get around this?

    • So glad it was helpful, Sarah! Once you get your freebie put together send me an email – we’d love to check it out!

  2. Great tips. I know that I am much more likely to sign up for something if I get something in return. I offer a smart packing guide for people who subscribe to my email list. I will be looking into Mad Mimi, I’ve heard good things about them from an email list perspective. Thanks for the great article!

  3. I’m new to your blog and loving these awesome tips. Thank you so much Tanya..
    I do have freebies on my website but haven’t thought to use them to entice subscribers as they’ve always been there for people to access anytime. Perhaps I need to rethink my strategy.

  4. Hi there !
    i am newbie in this field and i really want to grow my email list and this is the perfect post to know about everything. thanks for writing an awesome post


  5. This was a great post Tanya! I’ve put together some free flash fiction stories compiled in an e-book on my blog as an incentive to subscribers. This list has given me some more ideas 🙂


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