8 Ways To Encourage Your Readers To Comment More Actively

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There is just one percent of readers who actually contribute to your posts by commenting on them. This shows that the majority of readers don’t comment on posts. Ever wondered why that’s so?

The Benefits Of Comments

There are many benefits when readers are actively commenting on posts. It is merely a psychological phenomenon that posts with a high number of comments are sure to grab more attention of your readers as comments actually indicate the high quality of the content in the post. Comments are also a way of passing on your feedback to the blogger highlighting your interests, which results in content which you would like to see on the blog. The readers’ response is also a source of motivation for writers – if they see that their work is being appreciated they will keep on working hard to keep their readers entertained in future.

So, it is clear that comments and feedback are highly important for blog owners. But how do you get readers to comment more often on the blog posts? Here are eight easy ways to help you increase comments on your posts.

How To Encourage Your Readers To Comment More:

  • Invite comments. Inviting people to comment is the most essential way of increasing comments. Go ahead, ask people to comment and leave their feedback. It is seen from experience that usually when people are invited to comment, the number of comments you get is definitely higher. Asking questions in your posts and leaving open ideas is an easy way of inviting comments. This also works for new users who are not much familiar with blogging.
  • Reply to comments/queries. If you are going to ignore your comments section and not reply to comments or interact with your readers how do you expect them to comment on your posts? This is the fundamental principle. When you reply to what people are saying, you’re making them feel heard, that their opinion counts. Once this happens, that user is sure to become a regular commenter on posts. This is very important for new bloggers, but even veteran bloggers never let their threads go ignored, even if other users have already replied to them.
  • Make comments easy to make. Expect most of the readers to be lazy. Now, if such a user wants to leave a comment and there’s a requirement for registration in almost all cases he will leave no comment. There are two reasons for this, one being the laziness factor; the other is spam. Users are annoyed by spam that starts pouring in so they are very careful as to where they give out their addresses. Leave the registration out of the comment box, set some boundaries, but allow users to make comments in an easy manner in which they feel comfortable.
  • Appreciate comments. Appreciating good comments made by users gives a nice touch to your blog. One way of appreciating good comments is by highlighting them.You can even rate them by giving them star ratings. This step will make users feel welcome and also drive others to comment.
  • Make the presence of your blog felt. When you blog, it’s not just about continuous posts. It requires that you take the time to visit other blogs, read their posts and more importantly make comments on the posts. Put an effort into giving comments. This will help build relationships with other bloggers, driving them to do the same for you.
  • High quality blog posts. Make sure that the quality of the post you make is high because every post on your blog counts. Users don’t read all of the posts when they visit your blog; they will just read one and make their impression on you. Remember, everything you post counts and should within the high quality niche.
  • Posts encouraging users to comment. When you’re writing a post make sure you don’t fill it up with stuff no one wants to read. Keep it as brief as you can and write in such a manner, which encourages readers to make comment. Such posts, to which they can relate more, will encourage people to share their experiences with you.
  • Create a contest among the people who comment on your blog. Such contests are probably the best way to inspire your visitors to leave more comments. This should work for those blogs, which already have a certain number of regular visitors and for people who are already commenting on your posts. Award the winners with award places and prizes. Prizes will depend on your audience.

We hope these ways will prove helpful in increasing comments on your posts.

Why Do YOU Think Readers Don’t Comment Often On Posts?

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34 thoughts on “8 Ways To Encourage Your Readers To Comment More Actively”

  1. Thought provoking content here. As a relatively new blogger over at http://www.ritewhileucan.com I have been thinking about what /why/when people choose to comment on a post. What I have discovered through talking with some of those readers, who fall into the family/friend category (don’t you love when your mom follows your blog), is that some are too shy to contribute. They are very aware others could read their comment and don’t like the ‘public’ feel of this interaction. Interesting. Others have said the expected “just too busy” or I meant go back and comment but then never did. Again, interesting. challenge? to create a warm,friendly, safe environment for all to feel comfortable commenting and to have content to riveting (the holy grail of blogging) that they are compelled to comment right their and then. Thanks for the informative content here. I look forward to exploring your site further.

  2. I think I have a nice group of people to comment on my blog but it doesnt hurt to have more. I notice that my faithful readers are always coming back. I would love for newbies to comment and keep commenting. Great tips Tanya!

  3. I agree with Barb. Most of the time people just forget or are busy. Although I don’t know how helpful it is to have people with the same last name as yours commenting anyway. My blog (ThingsInYourHeadBlog.com) is interactive and I NEED the comments of my readers and podcast listeners in order for the whole concept to work. Very challenging when you are just starting to get your name out there – ie: people don’t know you exist yet. I for one will keep posting and keep blogging and doing the podcast regardless of comments, but love the encouragement and the posts you are bringing to us. They do help.

  4. I agree…commenting in some cases is too difficult. I don’t like Capchas, I don’t want to register for anything. I do not want to receive replies from the blog in my email, unless I specifically request that option. Allow me to make my comment, I don’t care if you moderate the comments before they are published, that’s nothing to me, but if you are going to reply to my comment on your blog, respect my media and reply back to me in your comments as well. this will also add to the number of comments for your post…bonus to you!

    Nice post, thanks.
    Life With Lorelai

    • Many people are now using mobile devices to read content…and it takes extra effort to take time to reply. This doesn’t mean to neglect building a “community” of sorts, but rather to encourage bloggers that the “lack” of comments isn’t so detrimental. The tips in this post are right on, though!

  5. I definitely think it has a lot to do with whether or not the reader has TIME to comment, or if they’re reading your blog on their phone especially. If I am reading a blog via mobile, it always feels like a pain to comment so I miss out on commenting on some of my favorite blogs, but as soon as I read them on my laptop, I am much more likely to comment!

  6. It’s weird.. I have a good amount of people visiting but not as many people comment even though I do all of the things mentioned above. I may not comment on other blog as much as I used to die to lack of time but still. It’s weird.

  7. I used to write without thinking much of how to invite the reader to comment. Now, I’m learning to write with constantly thinking about the reader. It’s not just about me or what I want.

    The reader deserves better, almost, all the time. Otherwise, I could have just written a diary.

    It’s a process but I know it is worth it not just as a blogger but as a person being considerate of other’s thoughts and emotions.

  8. Thank you for the tips. I have just started to put up a blog (www.hellosfbayarea.com) and don’t have much of an online presence yet. I still have yet to learn the ins and outs and am slowly trying to learn and build the blog everyday (when my two little boys let me). I am in the middle of figuring everything out. And i have to find time to visit other blogs and comment and make my presence felt.

  9. Thank you Tanya for these great tips. I have a fairly new blog with a few faithful readers, however, I get very few comments on the blog. They do, however, leave comments on my facebook page – Bridgeport Lake Bed and Breakfast, LLC. They other issue I am having is getting folks to actually sign up to follow the blog. They do read it and look forward to it, but don’t sign up to follow it. I know I need to spend more time commenting and following other blogs in order to garner readership beyond family and friends.

    Thank you again for all the help you provide to those of us just getting started.

  10. These tips are Really Splendid! One of the most important aspect in my opinion is to engage readers with qualitative content and motivate them for Blog Commenting! Most of The Blogger does not Pay Attention towards readers comments & This way they lost readers loyalty at the end only spam comments remains!

  11. MOst of he comments in my blog are questions about a certain how to articles that i wrote, its hard because there only one person running the site (me) and sometimes i get hundreds of different questions everyday which is sometimes impossible to answer them all.

  12. You are right, sometimes we forget that our readers have an opinion too. On our Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog http://www.Lush-Fab-Glam.com we recently started asking funny questions and/or politely suggesting that our readers share their views with us by leaving a comment and it’s working really well so far.

    Engaging is also very important especially when a reader asks a question, it’s good to reply in a timely manner while your post is still fresh in their mind. Thanks for the advice and tips and good luck to all the bloggers. Stop by our blog to see our fab tips, inspiration photos and more.


  13. I think that most people fine what they need and move on. Most often they don’t realize the hard word and time it take to create a blog. At least I did, until until started writing my own blog. I actively solicit people’s comment and it work.

  14. I think that most readers don’t realize how important a comment is. I didn’t until I started blogging. I have very mixed feelings about comments and commenting… it begins to feel contrived when its just us bloggers commenting in order to get a comment back. Then the comment becomes a business popularity contest rather than a dialogue between writer and reader.

  15. Fear of spam and laziness is exactly why I don’t. I wouldn’t even call it laziness I like to read a blog for a while before I subscribe so I get annoyed when they ask just so I can give feedback.

  16. Good afternoon! I am fairly new to blogging “for-real”…I started a while ago and was not very dedicated…now I am getting there. Thank you for your mention of responding to comments. I have few comments and always wonder if I should or shouldn’t respond (I am still learning the etiquette of a blog writer).
    Now, about a high quality blog, I am still trying to find my niche.

  17. That was really good, There is just one percent of readers who actually contribute to your posts by commenting on them. This shows that the majority of readers don’t comment on posts. Ever wondered why that’s so? Child handing over the… Great tips Thanks …

  18. If you are posting a high quality content on your blog, you will catch more searchers and any viewer found, he will get benefited with the blog, he will post post comment automatically.

    I am totally agree with your 8 ways,which can encourage viewers to readers to comment on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing with us a valuable content.


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