8 Blogging Goals For This Week

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In our Profitable Blogging for Beginners Class, I talk a lot about the importance of having goals for your goals.  The more specific your goals are, the more you’re going to accomplish with your blogging!

Inspired by Crystal at MoneySavingMom.com, I decided to put together a post with my blogging goals for the week.  Next week, I’ll plan to post my progress on reaching my goals!


  • Fine tune and finish the 4 rough draft posts I have for the rest of August (I like to try to schedule posts a month out – this makes daily blogging a lot less stressful!  Plus, then I’m prepared for those days when life throws things my way where I just can.

Increase Followers

  • Put together a plan for a part-time assistant to help with Social Networking and blog promotion.
  • Find at least two blog hops to participate in this week.

Building Community

  • Write a plan of weekly tasks for promoting and organizing the big Blogelina Blogging Festival in Novemberdetails coming soon!


  • Sign up to take the Easy Link Love E-Course – looks really promising for building incoming links and promoting your blog so I’m excited to check it out!


  • Finish adding and prepare for next week’s launch of the new Blogelina Blogging Video Tutorial Bundleswatch for a special 50% discount code next week!

What are 5-10 goals that you have in your blogging this week?

List them in the comments and then be sure to come back next Monday and share your progress!

5 thoughts on “8 Blogging Goals For This Week”

  1. This is a great idea. It’s so easy to just work on whatever occurs to your at the moment, or the tasks you normally do every day. I’m going to set goals for each week so I don’t waste time that could be spent more productively. Excellent advice to finish up all the rough drafts that have been sitting around for several weeks!

  2. ok, my goal is to set goals for next week! lol I waste so much time on the computer & always walk away thinking, ‘where did the hours go!’ No wonder my to-do list is so long! Thanks for the inspiration Tanya!

    • I do the same thing, Maria – which is why I started making my lists. I make them when I can think clearly and am not distracted – aka. away from the computer – then when I am on the computer, I’m much more productive.

  3. I accomplished some of my goals before I found this post some of them were:

    – Working on the SEO on my blogs
    – Increasing the google page rank on all 8 of my blogs (After a month of constant attention 4 of them are ranked 1/10 and 2 of them are ranked 2/10. 1 more to gain a rank…whooo hooo!
    – Participate in at least one or two small blog hops each week and one large one, once a month
    – Find a more sophisticated theme for my original site (please stop by and let me know how you all like it: http://atwc1.com)

    Goals not yet attained:
    – Making my sites guest post friendly.
    – Making more money from my sites
    – Complete redesigns on all 7 sites and link subdomains to main sites
    – Write holiday posts ahead of time so that there is always relevant content when people have extra time to surf


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