7 Tips to Improve Your Blog Design

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A person who reads a book will usually devote some time to reading it, therefore, absorbing the information sequentially, word by word, paragraph by paragraph, page by page.

As for online reading, the situation is just the opposite. People rarely allocate special time for this activity. Rather they find an online article accidentally, sometimes even in spite of their intentions. If the headline or the first few introductory sentences seem interesting to a person, they can devote a certain amount of time to read the post and maybe even look through the other materials posted on your blog.

That is why it’s so important to attract a reader’s attention from the very first second, “hooking” him by means of design. Yes, it’s the design that makes the first impression. Check-out the TOP 7 tips on how to improve a blog design.


The Proper Use of Space

Take the advantage of the prominent places on your blog:

  • A space between the header and the content of the blog. Here you can place a greeting or a description. Also, you can install a plug-in that will allow you to put valuable prompts depending on the search query that varies depending on how the user got to your blog.
  • A space between the post and the comments. It is considered as a zone of choice. After reading the post, the visitor will have to decide whether to leave the blog or to comment on it. Here, your task is to keep him on the blog by putting links to interesting related articles either manually or using a special plug-in. If the main purpose of the blog is to generate profits from advertising, it is logical to place advertising blocks here.
  • Side panels. At the top, you can place RSS-subscription and subscription to e-mail updates. Try to put the most effective information on the side panels. It can be a list of categories, meta tags, ad units, etc – whatever you want. In addition, be sure to put links to the most important articles and to the blog archive. This could help to increase your number of page views.
  • Headline. This is the first thing a visitor sees. If it is full of advertising, it is quite difficult to remember. Try to leave this place free of graphic ad units.


Increase the Font Size of Headers and Texts

People have a habit of scanning the content, perceiving the information from the sub-headings, and stopping only if something in these summaries catches their attention. Considering this, you should help visitors by increasing the size of the headings and subheadings. Thus, your posts will not only be easier to read but also look professional.

The main task performed by the font is readability. Choose the most readable font. Note that it’s not about the category of fonts – it’s all about the size.

The optimal font size for today is 16 px.

Increase indentations

This principle states that it is necessary to use a large distance between the content and the edge of the page, at least, 20 pixels. Please ensure a clear distinction between the text and the other elements and make the line shorter and, therefore, easier to read.

Here are some tips on how and where to use reasonable indentations:

  • Around images (not less than 20 px) and before subtitles.
  • Before and after quotes.
  • The spacing between paragraphs may coincide with the page’s line height.

Use more free space around the elements of the blog, since it greatly increases the perception of your blog by visitors.

Add Contrast

Don’t use light gray text font on the blog. Yes, it looks nice, but it creates problems for people with low vision and those who read using mobile devices and displays with low resolution. Set a sharp contrast between a background and content of a page (it can be a white background and black letters, for example).

Add Contrast

Remove Unnecessary Distractions

Since the main purpose of the blog is to acquaint visitors with its content, try to reduce the number of graphic elements around the main content. Excessive graphics looks annoying and distracting. Leave only those graphic elements which are really necessary.

Test the Correctness of Display on Mobile

Let’s face it: to date, a website that has not been optimized for mobile devices cannot be considered a usable one. If you still have not tested your website on different devices, do it as soon as possible, and preferably both on Apple and Android. Photos shouldn’t be cut; text shouldn’t look too long.

Test the Correctness of Display on Mobile

Check the Navigation System

The date of publication attached to the post allows users to navigate through the content of the blog by months or years. If you write about design trends, reviews of technologies, or anything else depending on the date, then chronological navigation really makes sense. However, it is not always necessary. Examine your content. If you write about things that do not change during time, you can absolutely refuse to navigate through time.

Search for other ways to organize content based on your theme. Categories will never go out of style. For example, if your blog highlights an art, you can make the design in such a way that people will be able to view your messages by artist or artistic style mentioned in each post.

Use the above mentioned tips for improving the design of your blog and you’ll definitely get the visible results sooner.

In what ways can you improve your blog’s design?

Please share in the comments below!

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Brian Jens is someone who knows how to stay on the crest of a wave. He’s one of logo design contest inspirers. Brian is deeply involved in the design and blogging. He also covers all the related topics, being attracted by up-to-date technologies and scientific breakthroughs.

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43 thoughts on “7 Tips to Improve Your Blog Design”

  1. Yes, Making a blog design in better way is the first steps in the blogging life. Many of the people’s are still not yet concentrate on blog designing, just they create a blog with some simple design and started to post a bulk number of content daily. Its all seems like to increase earning and visibility. The real visibility of the blog is stands from neat blog design. I hope everyone blogger will read this message and tips to improve their design or just improve your blog section one by one in your free time is also a great idea to stand alone your blog from other’s

    Thanks for your post – Brian Jens

  2. H Brian,

    These are awesome tips, specifically the mobile responsive tip. I don’t understand why there are still so many sites out there that aren’t. Thank you for sharing these with us. Passing it along.


  3. Great list! As you know (*wink*), I have a new theme. It had a lot of light grey. LOL! One of the first things I did to customize was change the light grey elements to darker almost-black hues. I also increased the font size of the navigation menu and the post text. I’m still planning a few tweaks, but I am very happy overall. :o) The layout is so clean and simple, but with colors I love!

  4. My design is pretty simple. I went from a 2 sidebar to a single. However I really like two sidebars. Any tips on how to do this so its not too distracting to the main content…the blog post?

    • I think having 2 sidebars is fine as long as you don’t load them w/ ads and other distracting content. Maybe if you use one side for things like your picture, your categories and some top posts and then on the other side place a couple ads. Good luck! Let us know if you have other questions.

  5. YESSSSS! that light gray font is impossible to read! I look funny in the coffee shop holding the computer screen up to my face to try to read a post ~ and that’s on top of contacts AND reading glasses – and I’m only 43! Thank you for addressing the gray font problem! I hope more people will pay attention.

  6. Hey Blogelina,

    Great post. I am constantly thinking of what catches my eye and what I like and don’t like. Spacing is everything isn’t it.

    After finishing this comment, I am going to change the font size of my headings. Thanks for that.

    I wish your advice about adverts would go viral. I get the ads, I support them but sometimes its so hard to or even annoying with so many. I’m taking quite a bit from this post thanks.


    • We’re so thrilled that you get so much out of our post! 🙂 Spacing is definitely SO important. Thanks for reading and for your comment.

  7. Yes I agree these points.
    Design is an important part.
    After giving a professional look to my landing page, I was able to fetch double clients for projects through it.

    I also love your blog’s design

    • That’s great that you were able to increase your clients by tweaking your design! Also, thank you for the complement! 🙂

  8. Thanks for all the tips here. Design can make a huge difference in conversions as well. I totally rely on premium wordpress themes from mythemeshop and foresttheme. Themes that I took is exactly doing good.

  9. Thanks Blogelina!
    Very happy to read you again. In fact, I am also seeking for blog design tips and these tips are really very helpful and educative for me. Not only for me, I believe that all blog owners must be benefited by following these tips without doubt. Thanks for another great and eye-catchy post.

    • Well, it depends on how flags and banners are used, Tina. If you go overboard, it could be distracting to a reader – it’s important to use balance when designing your blog overall.

  10. Hi,
    I am happy to meet with this blog, I learned to design and write a better blog, very helpful what I get, the one thing that maybe you can help me is to make Fanpage on twitter and facebook and multiply “like” in appearance. How this could be more beautiful and attractive? Thank you for sharing and good day to you.

    • We’re glad you liked the post so much, Camaro! Thanks for the suggestions on post topics, we’ll definitely keep those in mind. 🙂

  11. Hey Brian Jens,

    Awesome suggestions for improving blog design. I would never thought in this way. You dig out the most. I have already started using it and I hope it will definitely give me some results.
    Thanks >3

    • Long and descriptive articles are always great, but there is also plenty of room for shorter, to the point ones, as well. Thanks for commenting!

  12. Thanks for these tips. A few months ago, my blog design was NOT attractive. But thanks to Blogelina for redesigning it, its a complete turnaround! I believe my design being much more attractive is keeping people coming back to my blog.

    • Thanks so much for the complement Denise Renae! It is wonderful to hear that you love your design, as do your readers. That is SO important to us!

  13. Thank you for sharing this awesome post. I am a newbie on WordPress blogging and using a free theme. I would like to improve the theme design. I think this will help me a lot.

    • Having a specific theme can definitely help you brand yourself and your blog. We can always help you with your blog design, just let us know!


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