7 Opt-In Ideas to Entice More Subscribers

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A subscriber list is an invaluable tool!

It means that there are people who are truly interested in your niche and who are waiting to hear what you have to say next. If you sell, or are thinking of selling products (either your own or as an affiliate), your list contains the people who are most likely to buy from you. Your subscriber list also helps to entice advertisers and affiliates to your blog. Subscribers are your regular readers, who have a trust and faith in you.

What’s not to love?

We all know the subscriber list is crucial, But how do you entice readers to actually subscribe? Great content is a start, but sometimes you need to sweeten the deal and that is done by offering a little opt-in encouragement; something that entices your reader and encourages a win-win trade. They leave their details and in return they receive something extra from you.

There are any number of products that can be offered by using a little imagination and creativity but here are a few ideas to get you started. Just remember: whatever your opt-in; it needs to be something that would specifically interest your audience, there is no use in collecting names from people outside of that niche.

7 Opt-in Ideas to Entice More Subscribers - Blogelina

Ideas for Opt-Ins

  1. E-Book

This does not need to be as long as Gone with the Wind, in fact short and to the point is best! Research and write your ebook in a simple Word document and quickly convert it to a PDF before uploading. Add screen shots to help illustrate a point or use PicMonkey to design your own graphics.

  1. Video of Video Series

This can either be you in front of a camera or using snap shots/video (for example, from a PowerPoint presentation or computer screen), created using ScreenFlow, Jing, or something similar. Your budget may be a deciding factor on what you can do, but also look at what type of information you are delivering to decide what suits your needs best. Great videos are often filmed by using a good Smart phone and being in front of a screen helps your subscribers get to know you.

  1. Webinar

If a picture is worth a thousand words than an interactive video must be worth a million! Get interactive and schedule a webinar using Google Hangouts about something you know and do well, and that of course interest your followers. This way you can interact with your followers in ‘real time’.

  1. Member specials

If you are using your blog as a platform to encourage sales then offer specials, vouchers, giveaways and discounts in exchange for a subscriber’s contact details.

  1. Audio

Similar to video, but as the name implies, only record an audio portion. This adds something extra for your readers when they are on the go but still want your content (for example while driving or exercising). Think about interviewing someone that your community would love to hear about.

  1. A 30-day challenge

In exchange for a new reader’s contact details, offer 30 days (or seven days, whatever works) and send a daily email tip; this is especially good in trying to start a new habit, grow a business, get organised, etc. A food blogger may offer recipes, a homemaker may offer a declutter challenge, a fashion blogger could offer a sneak peek of what to wear to the office, or five different ways to wear a new trend.

  1. Little “Extras” that make life easier

Screen savers, e-cards, check lists, to do lists, mind maps and inspirational quotes can all be used as an opt in generator. Use your creativity; and remember to keep it both interesting and relevant to the community you are building.

Extra tip: Whatever you choose to give away in exchange for an email address does not need to be generated by yourself so team up with a complementary industry, blogger, or company and expand your reach!

Have you have used opt-ins on your blog to gain subscribers?

What’s worked and what hasn’t worked?

Share in the comments below!

Claire Winson is a mom to a gorgeous little boy and a dog with issues. Claire is a strategic communications consultant, writer, and founder of EntrepreneurMom, a blog to help mompreneurs who want to start, grow and create awareness of their home businesses. She goes nowhere without coffee and lip balm, runs everywhere, and dreams of living an island lifestyle.

7 Opt-In Ideas to Entice More Subscribers - Blogelina

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  1. Right now i’m trying to build my subscribers. It is one of the toughest task. Even though people love our website it takes a lot more effort to make them subscribe. However, i will try out these ideas to get more subscribers.

    • It’s definitely tough to get people to subscribe to you. Freebies, or other opt-in offers are a great way to get people to join your “tribe!” Good luck, Rahul!

  2. Great list. I love the idea of a 30 day challenge. I am going to implement this. This will also help me align my content in the right path as in a sequence.


  3. Getting subscribers is really big task , You have given useful ideas.I have tried webinar it really helped in some extent but I haven’t got expected result, I would like to implement some of your Ideas hope I will get good result from it.

    Thanks for this ideas Blogelina.


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