4 Steps to Attracting More Advertisers to Your Blog – Part One

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Do you advertise on your blog?  Have you thought about advertising on your blog?  Want to start attracting advertisers? In four steps, you can make it easier for advertisers to want to advertise on your blog! 4 Steps to Attract More Advertisers to Your Blog - Blogelina

Step 1 – Research and compile the important info

You’ll want to start by doing a little research.  The following is information you will want to know and have on hand to display to potential advertisers:

A profile of your blog

  • What is your blog about?
  • A bit of history
  • Your blog stats
  • Page rank: How does your blog rank with the following sources?
  • Traffic
  • How many hits does your blog get each day/month?
  • How many unique visitors does it get each day/month?
  • How many NEW visitors does your blog get each day/month?
  • Who your audience is
  • Demographics
  • Why advertise on your blog
  • Brag a bit here; sell them on why your blog is a great place to advertise


Guidelines for submitted ads

  • What types of ads are you willing to display?
  • Is there particular ad content that you don’t want to display?
  • Are you only interested in ads relating to a particular industry/topic, etc.?


Options available – types of ads/location of ads

  • Consider displaying a screenshot of your blog with the location of the ads (example here)


Testimonials or a list of advertisers who have used your site

(if you have any)

Social Networks your blog participates in (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

  • You might also mention the efforts that you are making to grow your blog readership


Your Disclosure policy


Your Contact Details

In Part Two, we’ll look at three ways to display your advertising information to make it attractive to potential advertisers.

In the meantime, do you advertise on your blogs?  Do you have any tips to share?  Please leave a comment below.

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  1. very useful information Tanya. I am gathering as much as information as I can about requesting ads for my blog. I just checked my page ranking with google. it is 0/10. guess I will have a long way to go even before I take the first step towards making money. anyways, thanks for this 🙂


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