10 Ways to Help Another Blogger Promote Their Blog

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10 Ways to Help Another Blogger Promote Their Blog No successful blog can be an island.  We need to be engaged with other bloggers in order to succeed.  Let’s take a quick look at some ways that we could easily help another blogger promote their blog:

  • Comment – Leave valuable feedback on their posts.  The more interaction that new readers to their blog find, the more likely they will be to stick around.  (Problogger, Darren Rowse, says that one thing that will make him leave a blog in 3 seconds is lack of comments!)
  • Follow – Become a follower of them on Twitter, Facebook, or via RSS.  Again, when people see that there are other people keeping track of a blogger, they’re more likely to stick around to find out what everyone else is interested in.
  • Participate in Blog Events – When a blogger hosts a giveaway, a blog hop, a twitter party, or some other event, show up!  Say you’re coming and be an active participant.
  • Link to their blog – There are several ways to do this.  Was a post they wrote particularly helpful and would also benefit your readers?  Link to the post.  Re-tweet posts that are of value to your readers and followers.  Just write a post introducing their blog and how you’ve been helped by it.
  • Place their blog button in your sidebar – Advertise their blog on yours.  This is especially easy if they’re offering a helpful product that you can promote.
  • Offer to Guest Post – And then link to your guest post from your blog.
  • Ask for a Guest Post – And then clearly display their author bio and at least one link back to their site.  You might also link to other posts they’ve written on their blog that relate to the topic of their guest post.
  • Initiate a cross-blog conversation or interview – Ask a question on your blog that they can answer on theirs and link back and forth.  I’ll have an example of such a cross-blog conversation coming up next week with Rhonda at MommyRevenue.com.  Stay tuned!
  • Send them an email – This might not directly help promote their blog, but I’m sure your encouraging words will be appreciated.  Who doesn’t get a bit bogged down with the whole blogging thing every once in a while?  It’s pretty easy to get discouraged.  Send a note letting them know how their blog has impacted you.
  • Ask them to join your blogging clan – Or, if your clan is full, tell them about the program so they can get involved!

Have any other suggestions?  What are some ways that YOU would like other bloggers to help promote YOUR blog?

23 thoughts on “10 Ways to Help Another Blogger Promote Their Blog”

    • Thanks, for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment, Ashley! Congratulations on your move – I bet the foliage is gorgeous there in the northeast!

  1. You’re absolutely right (unfortunately) that the more someone else has comments & followers, the more likely people tend to want to take the time to be like the others. Often because you feel that if others are engaged, then that blog MUST have SOMETHING valuable to offer. Time for us to beef up on our comments and followers!

  2. I love this idea… in fact, when people comment on my blog, I add them to a bookmark list of those I’ll visit weekly and leave comments on. Those that don’t visit within a month, I simply remove (since they seem only interested in themselves)… of course, there are those out there that are extremely valuable that I’d visit no matter what!

    I just started “The Sunday Stock Exchange” which is an “interview” / discussion for those who do and don’t invest in the markets… designed to open discussion as to why, why not, how, what it would to take to do so, etc. I’d love to have people contact me to participate too!

  3. Good tips, thanks for sharing. I do try to leave comments a lot because I know how important it is and how much work the blogger has put into getting the content on the blog in the first place. I hope to increase my followers this year and also increase the comments!
    I also participate in linky parties whenever I have something that fits a category!

  4. You have said all. Though my blog is, who would not like to see comments on their blog from other bloggers. It shows that one is doing a great job.

    I’m also a fan of guest posting because it helps me put my name and brand out there.

    Well, thank you for this insightful post, god bless you.

  5. As a newbie, I’m so excited to have stumbled upon your site. I have finally connected to a few bloggers (seemed like I was a lone wolf for a while because, frankly, I didn’t know how to connect). Thanks so much for all the tips!

  6. Thank you for this information. I have been blogging for quite sometime and realize I am always learning something new. A few family and friends would visit my blog in the beginning but because they weren’t active bloggers they would always lose interest with having to login, most of them just tell me their thoughts when I see them in person. I do hope to have solid supporters and grow my blog….thank you again for the great information!

  7. I found your site through http://thepeacefulmom.com/ and participated in the first class last night. I’m a fairly new blogger and I’m learning so much! It is disheartening when I do not receive comments on my blog posts. I’m trying very hard to find my niche which is why I decided to take your course. Here’s hoping the lessons and the work I put into my blog pay off! Thanks so much!

  8. Very useful tips promoting a win-win bonus for all bloggers participating. I did do some soul searching of my own and had to admit that my blog is 99.9% ‘comment-less’ because I don’t leave comments on other blog sites. Lesson learnt! Going to go out and try super hard to be a meaningful commenter from hence forth!

  9. I have been blogging for awhile and although seo works well for my niche blog, the most sure-fire way to get traffic to my personal blog is to leave comments. If nothing else, the blog owner usually does a quick popover.

  10. I’m also looking forward to becoming a member of a ‘clan’. So many people in my day to day life still think blogging is insane.

    Just yesterday my husband said, “You should call it a website because a blog is so… well… you know..”


    Nope, I do not know! 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed your posts since I’ve just come over and am excited to read more. So far I’m tunneling down the rabbit hole of good stuff!

  11. I am struggling with getting comments on my blog, I have one or two people who comment on the Facebook page, and people I know will tell my mom, my husband and my kids, ‘oh, I like your mom’s blog”, I have tried to ask questions at the end of each blog, I follow and comment often and I have shared a few reposts. I have never heard of a blogging clan or cross posting, but I am definitely looking that up next. I have about 20 tabs open now from all the suggestions I need to look up.
    Again, thank you for this blog!

  12. This was a very good read. Very informative and provides good insight as I am in the beginning stages of setting up my blog.


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