The Story Behind the Blogging Buddy System

The Birth of the Buddy System Idea

The idea behind our buddy system was born because of an article I read about how to get more comments on my blog.� I realized that readers are more apt to get involved with a blog if they can see that others are involved with that blog.

As I have browsed through the blogosphere, I have even found this to be true of myself.  If I come to a blog post, and even if I think it’s a great post, when I see that big old “O Comments” listed next to the post, I tend to keep on moving rather than leave a comment.  It seems to trigger in my mind that no one is really involved with this blog so what benefit is there in taking the time to post the comment?

I have found the same to be true about participating in blog hops and twitter parties.  If I see that at least a few other people are participating, I know I won’t be there all by myself.

So, the birth of a plan for the Blogging Buddy System was born…

What a Blogging Buddy Group Does for your Blog

  • Are you looking for a way to gain more readers?
  • Are you wanting to facilitate more commenting and interaction on your blog?
  • Are you trying to find ways to build the community of your blog?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then joining your own Blogging Buddy Group can help!

Blogelina Blogging Buddy Groups consist of 5 bloggers who are working together to help make each of their blogs more successful.  A Buddy Group is a bit of a support network – each member takes a bit of extra time to get involved in their group-mates blogs.  This is done by leaving comments, posting links to relevant posts, participating in any events the other blogs may be hosting, etc.

What a Blogging Buddy Group Is

  • A small group of bloggers working to help each other. Blogelina Blogging Buddy Groups average about 5 members each.  This makes having the time to actually help each other out and participate on each other’s blogs more feasible.
  • Personalized attention for you and your blog. With such a small clan size, you can really get to know each other and specific ways to help each other with your blogs.
  • A lot of fun to join!
  • A great way to get to know other bloggers
  • A system of support. Your blogging buddies are your cheerleaders.

Click here to join your Blogging Buddy Group.