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schoolProfitable Blogging for Beginners – After you have the basics of blogging down, if your goal is to make money with your blog, this is the class for you.  This class will give you the information and resources you need to increase your traffic, find money-making opportunities, and maintain a professional appearance in the blogging world.  Be prepared to be amazed by all the information you’ll walk away with after taking this class!

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The Total Blogger to WordPress Transfer PackageA year of web hosting, your blog transferred plus a FREE bonus – all for an unbelievably low price!  Take all the stress out of the process, keep your followers, your subscribers, your design – all for about the cost you’d pay for a year of web hosting anyway!  Check out more info on Blogelina’s Total Transfer Package.

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Our Build Your Own Custom Blog Design Service Is your blog leaving the right impression to everyone who visits?  Make sure your blog is standing out for all the right reasons.  Check out more info on Blogelina’s WordPress Blog Design Service!


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Fotolia_25931921_Subscription_XXLThe Blogging Buddy Network

Join Your Own Group of Bloggers! Running a blog is a lot of work so be sure to have your own group of cheerleaders to help you along the way! We limit our blogging buddy groups to 5-6 blogs each – this way, members are able to really focus on helping their group members.  Find out more about the Blogging Buddy Network here.

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Guest blogging is considered one of the best way to promote your blog for free.  Whether you’re looking to write posts for other blogs or you want guest posts to publish on your own blog, be sure to check out Blogelina’s Guest Blogging Connection.

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