Create A Product & Start Selling Online NOW!

**Keep in mind as you read below… This is offer is going to seem too good to be true.  But, we assure you that it IS legitimate!  In fact, we guarantee it.  And, if you’re one of the thousands who have taken our online blogging class or one of the hundreds who have had us transfer or set up your blog, you know that’s what we aim to deliver – the unbelievable.  If you’re here for the first time – welcome!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to wow you!

If You Don’t Have a Product Or Service You’re Selling, You’re Missing Out – Big Time!

That’s the plain and simple truth – and you DON’T want to be missing out!

The way that Blogelina makes most, if not all of its income each month, is through the products and services that we sell.

Want to know how we made most of the $30,000+ Blogelina brought in last year?  It was through selling services and products… but not just any services and products – ones that really reached a need for our readers.

Don’t Think You Have Anything To Sell?

Think again!  If you’re online with your blog and you’re reaching out to people, YOU have the opportunity to create something to sell!  Don’t believe us?  Then take this course – and we’ll see who proves who wrong!

Don’t Think You Have What It Takes to Create A Product To Sell?

Again, think again!  We’ll help you do just that – the brainstorming, the ideas, the content, the design – all that in our three week course!

What You’ll Walk Away From This Class With:

  • A product or service to start selling online
  • An amazing online store all set up to sell your product
  • A spot in our upcoming “Brought To You By Moms” Christmas catalog (we’ll be handing this online catalog out to thousands over the holiday season this year!)


What to Expect

Over the course of three weeks, you’ll receive…

  • Bi-Weekly Emails With step-by-step how-to’s on brainstorming your product or service, creating it, setting up your online store… you’ll be ready to start selling at the end of this course!
  • Weekly Q & A Sessions – We really want to see you succeed.  Each week, on Tuesday evenings, we’ll host an hour long session where you can ask questions and get input and suggestions on your product.  If you can’t actually make it to a class session, don’t worry!  We’ll send out follow up notes the next day.
  • Resources & Materials – These will give you what you need to walk away from this course with a product or service to sell!

BONUS: If you commit to keep your store running until the beginning of 2013 or beyond, we’ll provide you with a link in our online holiday catalog – you’ll reach thousands with your product that you might not otherwise reach!

It Gets Even Better…

What’s the cost of this e-course – with the materials, the Q & A sessions, the free online store, the advertising to thousands?

For Right Now – FREE!

But, be sure to get your seat now – before we change our minds on the price…

Have I missed anything?  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send me an email.