175+ Tips for Finding and Securing Guest Posting Gigs

So, you want to start guest posting. You have LOADS of ideas, but maybe the topic doesn’t quite fit with your blog’s niche, OR maybe you are looking to build some traffic to your blog. Either way, guest posting is the perfect solution for both. However, there are some important things to remember when reaching out to favorite bloggers, or a bigger named blog.

In this post we’ll provide you tips to ensuring you land those guest posting gigs!

Over 175 Tips for Finding and Securing Guest Posting Gigs  Blogelina

Finding Guest Posts

  • Finding those guest post opportunities can be a struggle, especially if you’re going to bloggers who are already inundated with requests. This post from Copyblogger, shares how you can find the hidden guest blogging opportunities.
  • If you have a blog that you frequent, and notice that they advertise where they’ve guest posted in their sidebar, why not check out those same blogs, and offer your content? They may be willing to also accept your posts. This is just one of the many unique ideas that Brian from Backlinko shares in his post, The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging.

Securing Guest Posting Opportunities

Alright, you’ve now spent the better part of a day doing guest post research, you have a large number of places that you can reach out to regarding writing a guest post for them. What do you do now?

Ensuring you reach out or contact them in the best way possible… for that particular blog…is important! Here are some tips to ensuring you secure that guest post!


You are now armed and dangerous when it comes to searching out and securing guest blogging opportunities. Good luck!

What are some other tips that you have for guest blogging? Did we miss anything?

Share in the comments, below!


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