Add a Podcast to Your Blog for Wider Impact

A Better Blog in 5 Easy StepsSome people like listening to ideas more than they like reading about ideas. If you add a podcast to your blog you can create a wider impact due to that reason. Some people are visual learners and some are audio learners. That’s another reason why repurposing content works so well. Giving your audience a multitude of ways to digest your information will go a long way to creating success for you.

You can offer your audience a way to listen to each blog post, rather than just read it. You can do this in a variety of ways from creating the podcast first and then transcribing it, to writing it first, then reading it for the podcast. Plugins such as podPress, Blubrry PowerPress, Post by Voice, work to put your recording on your blog easily and in the right format. You can also make your podcast available to iTunes for another way to attract more people to your blog.

Develop More Trust

Adding a podcast to your blog is an inexpensive way to get more results from the work you are already putting in on your excellent blog posts.  Podcasting will grow your influence and help develop trust with your audience. There is just something special about hearing your voice that will make your audience trust you more. It makes the blogger seem more like a real person, a person whom they can trust.

Expand Your Audience 

You can widen your own knowledge and that of your audience by using your podcast to interview other people. Doing one interview can offer you at least a dozen ideas for future blog posts. This works especially well if you’re getting stuck for content ideas. By opening up your mind to other people’s input you’ll open up an avalanche of creativity that you may not have tapped into otherwise. Plus, you will immediately expand your audience to the interviewee’s audience.

It’s Inexpensive

Podcasting is a super inexpensive way to add something new and interesting to your blog. Your audience will appreciate being able to put on their earphones and listen while they are doing other activities, or download it to their iTunes and listen while they are out for a jog. People like to multitask today, never sitting down and focusing on just one thing, listening to podcasts is popular due to this reason.

A podcast could be what you need on your blog to add new life. Why not download a plugin, and give it a try starting with adding a podcast to the blog posts you already have? See how it energizes your blogging, and gives you new ideas of content that you may not have previously considered.

What Do You Think? Could A Podcast Work For Your Blog?

What would you talk about?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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    I have done some podcasts… I did a whole series of about 45 of them and they have been quite poplar. Do you have tips for making the process faster? It would take me about 2 hours to do a 10 – 15 minutes podcast after all the editing, adding music, and other stuff was done. Add to that the time it took me to do the graphics and write the post to go along with it… it was an all day thing.

    Any ideas? I would love to make some more. :)
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