Common Social Media Mistakes to Avoid as a Blogger

If one were to count the various social media sites available, it’d be easy to come up with several dozen fairly quickly (if not more), especially when you add in social bookmarking sites. This can make it both difficult to know which sites you should focus on and easy to make social media mistakes when you’re first starting out. That said, don’t allow that to hold you back as it can be a great way to grow a blog and bring in additional visitors.

Social Media Mistakes

Only Talking About Yourself

One social media mistake some will make as they start blogging is to only talk about themselves. That’s understandable if you’re brand new to blogging, but sharing a little of your own material goes a long way. There’s a fine balance between justifiable blog promotion and going over the top. Make sure you share other bloggers’ posts so you don’t come off as a heavy self-promoter. A general rule of thumb is to share three to four blog posts by someone else for each one of yours you share. Not only can this help you build relationships with other bloggers but also not have you come off as someone who likes to toot their own horn.

Treating all Social Media Platforms the Same

Unfortunately not all social media platforms are the same, thus the need to handle each one differently. Just because you have success on Twitter does not mean you will on Facebook. If you’re not certain how a specific social media site operates, just be a lurker (in a non-creepy way of course :-) ) for a while and see what tends to be the norm and use that to help form your strategy.

Not Providing Social Sharing Buttons on Your Blog

If you’re wanting to grow your blog and have more readers come to your site each day, doesn’t it make sense to offer a way to let your readers share your blog posts? Many new bloggers overlook this and only hinder themselves in the long run. There are many different plugins you can use to offer this, which can make it quite easy. One added tip, make sure your URL is short enough so readers can add something if they wish.

Not Using Social Media

Unless you’re simply wanting a digital journal, using social media is an absolute must if you plan on growing your site and want to make money blogging. Many, if not most, social media platforms are free and are a great way to market yourself and establish relationships with other bloggers. I know that using social media might be a little overwhelming if you never really have before starting a blog and that’s ok. If that’s the situation you’re in, don’t allow it to hold you back, but find one you like and start from there.


What are some other social media mistakes you can think of? What is one you’ve been guilty of?


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    I think that another thing to avoid is putting up more than 3 posts promoting yourself in a row. It drives me crazy to have to scroll through a massive amount of posts from the same person one after the other! Break it up (and FB has scheduling) throughout the day!

  2. says

    I think Treating all Social Media Platforms the Same is a serious problem and I used to be guilty of this. It’s a good approach post differently on different platforms. Because of lack of time or sometimes laziness, you find yourself copying and pasting the same update from Twitter to Facebook and Google+ 😉

    We need to find the uniqueness on each community and treat it as such

    Thanks for the educative post and do have a wonderful weekend Tanya
    Enstine Muki recently posted..My secret free blog traffic source revealed!

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing this! As a newbie momma blogger one of my goals for the month has been to learn more about social media, so this is just what I need. :)

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    Thank you Tanya! I have social media and sharing buttons on my site, and I have not even activated them. It’s part fear, part lack of knowledge. Thank you for these nuggets!

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    I definitely agree with Jonna about consistent posting, and it’s really a no-brainer with WP, ’cause you can schedule your posts into infinity! 😉

    On our site, we’ve put together a team of regular contributors so we all rotate at least once a month. It helps to change up the topic and tone to keep it interesting to our readers.

    But I think we DO need to share other bloggers’ posts a bit more – there’s so much good stuff out there!!

    Thanks for the tips…

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