Using Captions and Callout Text to Engage Readers

Welcome to another installment in the Blogelina Writing Series. Today, I’m going to talk about how using captions and callout text fits into a broader plan to earn money from your blog.

I’ve been getting some positive feedback on the posts I’ve run so far in this series which tells me that I’m not the only blogger out there concerned about using good content to drive my visits up. It’s the old adage that if you offer something worth reading and put it in front of people, they’ll read it and keep coming back to you for more.

Using captions to earn money from your blog

Last week we talked about using subheads to create flow, keep people on your blog longer, keep people coming back for more content on your blog and to improve the search results your blog sees. Ultimately, like we discussed, using subheads just makes sense, as does varying the length of your paragraphs – another item I’ve covered in this series.

Today, I’m going to dive into another of my favorite kinds of text – photo captions and callouts.

Use Callout Text to Grab Readers’ Attention

You’re probably used to seeing quotes called out on various blog posts. WordPress even has a button you can press in the html editor to instantly turn any piece of text into a quote set off in a different font and style from the rest of the words in your blog post.

Callout text is an old trick newspapers, magazines and now blogs have used for a long time to grab readers’ attention and pull them into an article or post. Busy readers come to your post, read the headline and then look at another compelling reason to continue reading. Use callout text to give them that reason to keep reading your post. Try to summarize either the main point of your post in a callout text or to highlight something juicy or particularly interesting or attention-grabbing.

Like subheads, callout text also helps create a flow that hooks readers and guides them through your posts.

Using Captions Can Help You Earn Money From Your Blog

How, you ask? Well, by optimizing your images with keyword rich text in the alt tag and captions in your posts, you can help drive search traffic results. The more you optimize your posts appropriately, the easier they will be for people to find, and the more people who find them, the more visitors you have to your blog, which leads to ad clicks, loyal readers and product purchases.

Don’t limit your thinking about content to just the body of your post. Remember to add captions to your photos, optimize them and use callout text to grab readers’ attention and keep them engaged with your posts.


Are you using captions as part of your content writing strategy for your posts? Do you think of photo captions and callout text as part of an overall effort to earn money from your blog?


Photo courtesy of: Charles J Danoff


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    I’m French vistor and I discovered your blog there shortly. You say something important, it’s true, though writing on his blog is very important, they must return to read! this is the most important, and that, thanks to good articles with good content!


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    Although captions and the alt tag are great ideas… I’m just curious as to why you didn’t utilize any actual callout text in this post as an example?

    WP has a great plug-in for just that: Simple Pull Quote. You can see it utilized in our most-recent post (which was written by one of our regular contributors…).

    Really enjoying your series, even though I seem to have found it a bit later than posted 😉
    Pat recently posted..Teaching Kids Responsbility

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