How to Grow Your Social Media Following as a Blogger

There are many ways you can bring traffic to your site as a blogger, from search traffic to guest posting to referrals there are many avenues that can be pursued. Another great and sometimes overlooked option to increasing traffic is through social media. I know that it might feel overwhelming to get started using social media if you never have prior to blogging, but the beauty is that many platforms can be quite simple to use and can bring in some solid traffic over time.

social media following

Find out how to get a crowd to follow you on social media.

You Have to Be Using Social Media

The thing with social media is that you have to be using it in order to realize many benefits from it. That said, it’s important to take a step back and determine what your blogging goals are. If you’re solely wanting a digital journal then you may have no need for it, but if you intend to grow your blog and make money blogging then it’s one of the best ways to get found and should be used as another tool in your blogging arsenal. If your goal is the latter then my suggestion is to try out a few sites and get started from there.

Buddy Up With Another Blogger

Depending on your niche, you’ll likely want to focus on different social media platforms. For many bloggers, Twitter is a popular route to take. Is there another blogger on Twitter you follow and like their writing? You can ask them to do a tweeting agreement where you agree to share each other’s blog posts. Not only does this help you build rapport with them, but can potentially open you up to new possible readers as well as help the other blogger as well.

What if Twitter isn’t your platform of choice? That’s just fine as you can accomplish the same thing on a variety of social media platforms as long as you’re willing to take the initiative.

Growing a Social Media Presence Can Take Time

I know it can seem overwhelming to get started on social media, especially as it can seem like it’s simply one other thing on the blogging pile. If that is the case for you, then my encouragement is to find one or two platforms you like and start with those. This can allow you to get your feet wet with it as well as help you benefit from social media promotion. Also know that growing a social media presence will not happen overnight, but it’ll take time to cultivate as each site has its own unique traits and communities. Don’t allow that to hold you back, but use it as a challenge to help you grow your blog and bring more traffic to your site.


Do you use social media to bring readers to your blog? What’s your favorite platform?


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    I have really enjoyed using social media to grow my blogs. Plus it is really fun too. I would probably be on social media no matter what so it is nice that it is also helping my blogs grow.

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    Appreciable post, Nicely written with short paragraphs, hardly took 15 minutes to read out your blog. Excellent topic to discuss with visitors.

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    Social media is 100% paramount as is having other people share your content on their social media pages! That being said, this cannot be one sided! You need to give & take evenly or else it won’t work! Making friends through blogging in the true goal, them sharing your content is just a bonus!
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    I’ve been busy using some apps in Chrome to be able to do this–I love Feedly and Tweetdeck. I’m also trying to use Triberr on a regular basis; I’ve found that when I’m willing to share and tweet others, they do the same for me.

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    one thing that I would add to this article is consider which social media sites your audience uses.

    I write a hyperlocal blog for parents (in a college town). I have found Twitter great for interacting with local media, brands (local and national), and other bloggers. But, by and large my audience isn’t on Twitter. I find the same thing with Instagram. Facebook is my audience’s social network of choice.

    So I’ve adjusted my strategy to reflect my typical audience on that social media network.
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