How to Be Making Money Blogging and Stay Ethical at the Same Time

There are many ways to be making money blogging – from affiliate sales to creating your own products. However, some will argue that it’s wrong or inappropriate to make money from blogging as you don’t know the individual situation of each person purchasing the product you’re promoting. That said, I believe there is a way to be making money blogging and be ethical at the same time.

Making Money Ethically

What’s Your Motivation?

As with many things in life, it’s important to ask yourself what your motivation is when you’re wanting to make money blogging. Are you trying to scam or mislead people? If you are, then obviously, your motivation is questionable at best. If you’re sharing products or services that have been helpful to you then that is something else. Making money blogging can be a rewarding thing, just make sure your motivation is in the right place.

As an aside, I would also encourage you to look at why you started a blog in the first place. If it’s solely to make money you’re likely to find that you’ll become frustrated as it generally will not come as fast as you’d like.

Keep That Balance

I think one of the best ways to keep your ethics in check when it comes to making money blogging is being balanced and genuine. If you’re genuine in your approach, that will come out to your readers as opposed to coming across as a slimy cash grab. It’s also important to remember that you don’t want to be hawking products all the time as it can turn off a lot of readers in the process.

Don’t Allow the Haters to Hold You Back

The online world can be somewhat scathing at times and there are those who take issue with other bloggers who’re making money blogging. Some of the sentiment might be warranted, but by and large, if you’re balanced in your approach, don’t allow haters to hold you back. At the end of the day it’s your blog and as long as you’re being upright and balanced in your approach then you’re doing just fine.

Making Money Blogging is an Art, Not a Science

Many that have been making money blogging will tell you that monetizing your blog is not as simple as it may sound. Some things work and some don’t and ultimately you have to find what works best for you and your reader base. What many bloggers will also tell you is that you really need to have your readers best interest at heart when it comes to making money blogging. If you don’t, it can be easy to wade into that gray area of questionable ethics which will eventually hinder your efforts to make money blogging.


Do you think it’s ethical to be making money blogging? What are gray areas you can think of?


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    I think that your comment about balance is SO true. I have been disappointed recently by several of my favorite bloggers that are now more about product review and giveaways than they are about blogging…It’s sad and I have stopped visiting their sites because of it. In my opinion one $ making post or even two a week is fine, as long as the rest of your daily posts are true to the original mission of your site. Thanks for the reminder and advice! A great example of doing it right is The Pioneer Woman, she has ads and makes money but is constantly putting up new posts about her life and cooking that stay true to who she is and has always been.

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    Absolutley it is ethical to make money from a blog. Especially, as you say, you are promoting a product that will help others. My blogs subject is my early retirement to Costa Rica at 41 – my goal is to provide products that helped us in our move and ebooks documenting our story. These items are the ones I purchased during our research phase.

    The gray areas? As a consumer is ANY ad that does not directly relate to what I am reading. If I am looking at hotels is Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, seeing a Truck Month ad from my hometown of Dallas is annoying, I wouldn’t go so far as to say unethical. The type of ad that freaks me out the most is the one that shows your last Google search as an ad on a new page…Smart but creepy.
    Greg recently posted..Costa Rica’s Most Dangerous River

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    I think it’s a great thing to make money blogging… I spend a lot of time on my blog and compare it to an online magazine. Yet I think because blogging is relatively new still, there’s a lot yet to figure out about advertising and how it works. I know I’ve learned a lot as I’ve began to monetize my blog. I’ve done some things I wished I hadn’t and other things I’ve loved. I think it comes down to trusting your gut and being genuine. Blog about what you are passionate about and if you happen to make money at it, great. If you’re blogging about something just to make money at it, you probably won’t be passionate about it and then it will show.
    Bonnie Way recently posted..Book Review: Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore

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    Of course it’s ethical to make money from your blog. Adults take on the responsibility of knowing their own situations – and it’s judgemental for anyone else to try to assume that decision for them. I sure don’t see McDonalds handing out a questionnaire before they allow you to buy a Big Mac!
    Becky recently posted..2 Ingredient Brownies – meh

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    This is so true. I’m a relatively new blogger so I’ve been looking at what others are up to. I’ve seen so many blogs that look like they started with a plan and have turned into a review and giveaway site. I personally plan to have the occasional giveaway to reward my readers, but I will always remember the reason I started my blog and the message I want to share.
    Krystal recently posted..Is Breastfeeding a Crime?

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