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    When I reinvented my blog with a new name this past June, I went with a color scheme that I felt went well with my title and that I really liked. Even though mauve and green are a very early 1990’s color combination, I still like them. Plus, they go well with teacups, so that’s what I chose. I think it works well for me!
    Cindy Howell recently posted..Let’s Get Social Sunday

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    One of my very first blogs I wrote was about color .
    It is THE most important motivator for people. Starting with the weather and time of year. Sunshine and green grass makes more people want to “buy” or “act” than Sunshine and great winter landscape.

    Your intentions can very much be motivated by color and your blog defiantly sets the tone y it’s color.
    Good article, Tanya!
    Beate recently posted..Answers to Crochet Questions

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