Blogelina Roundup for the Week Ending 8-02-13

Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog roundup here at Blogelina!

The intention of these roundup posts will be to highlight blog posts that I found helpful in nature for a variety of reasons – whether it be for SEO, blogging tips and tricks, or ways to grow your blog, I plan on picking posts that should help you as you seek to grow your online presence.

If you read our post the other day on blog design, then come back next Tuesday as we’ll have another post on how to design your blog that you may find helpful. They’re actually a part of a mini-series on blog design that I plan on running over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions or requests of what you’d like to see covered in the blog design mini-series, please leave them in the comments below.

Without any further ado, I encourage you to check out some of my favorite recent blog posts.

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup


The Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Post on QuickSprout

Are you struggling to get referrals from Facebook? Then check out this very helpful post on strategizing your Facebook posts in order to drive more traffic to your blog.

How to Move WordPress to Another Domain on Think Traffic

Are you needing to move your WordPress blog to another domain? The process can be tricky, but this in-depth and step by step guide by Think Traffic make the process smoother.

Free Blog Post Images: Where to Find Them, How to Use Them on Traffic Generation Café

Do you use pictures on your blog? If so, Ana has some handy tips to make sure you’re using the best possible pictures and following appropriate attribution practices.

Building a New Brand and Starting a Mastermind Group on Voices of Marketing

Do you have questions about how to build your new brand? Check out John-Shea’s post for insight from his own personal journey.

5 Powerful Tips to Building a 6-Figure Blog on Jeff

Are you wanting to increase the income from your blog? Pamela has some very actionable tips that can be implemented to help you out if you’re blogging for cash.


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