How to Make Your PayPal Account Verified Without a Credit Card

As all of you know, Paypal is one of the most secure and popular used system for online transactions and most of the online shops and other services accept paypal as their payment medium. Thus Paypal gives a lot of features to its users.

Generally, there are 2 types of accounts that are available – personal and business. But the RBI has blocked and limited the most of features of paypal and users have to enter their credit card details to verify their paypal account. But, what if you don’t have a credit card?  Keep reading for more info!

Verify Paypal Without Having a Credit Card

Most of the users are not able to make transactiona and buy stuffs online due to this limitation etc.So here is a simple trick to make your paypal acc. verified without having CC. You can use a virtual credit card to verify and buy things using paypal anywhere in the world. Here is the simple tutorial on how to get your paypal verified without having a credit card.

Creating a Virtual Credit Card

The first step in the paypal verification is creating a virtual credit card. Follow the below steps for creating a virtual credit card.

  • Just Visit and signup with it.
  • Now Fill all the details and goto funding details.
  • In funding detail,enter your debit card details and complete your sign up.
  • There you can create a Entopay card by depositing $20 to your entropay account.This amount will be credit in your Entropay card
  • Once you did so ,it will show you all the details of card.Note it.

Now you are ready to cerify your paypal ,since you are having a credit card in your hand.

Verifying Paypal Account

  • Now Login in to paypal account and verify your credit card.
  • You can enter Entropay card details to credit card details field
  • You card will be charged $1.5 which is added to your paypal account within 2 days.
  • After 2 days come back to your entropay account and check recent transactions for getting the transaction number.
  • Use this number to to confirm your verification with paypal account.

That’s it!

Have You Verified Your Paypal Account?

If this worked for you , please comment below in the comment box.

About the Author:  This article is written by Konika Chauhan, founder of Earning Methods.

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    This post, in particular, looks like it might have been copy and pasted from another site. The tenses and spelling are atrocious! I do not know that i would take this seriously. Please watch out, this could be major spam.

  2. says

    please note that you can not use payoneer to verify paypal any more.when you first use it it will show verify after some time paypal will remove and ask you to add bank again.Kindly visit us for a verified paypal account.

  3. says

    Interesting trick but I don’t like the idea of deposing $20 on that Entropay Visa card. Besides, I don’t have that money. I just need my Paypal account to be verified.

    I’ve already added my Visa Electron debit card to my Paypal account, and did all that it should be done. But for some mysterious reasons, my account is still labeled as unverified. So, I’m kinda stuck!
    Cristiana Nicolae recently posted..How to display an Easter egg cursor in Blogspot

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