7 Blogging Trends of 2013

Blog writing has grown phenomenally since its humble beginnings in the 1990’s. According to statistics, there are an estimated 180 million since the beginning of 2012.

They focus of a variety of topics ranging from everyday activities to business forums. These blogs are unique in terms of being creative outlets for some, and stimulators for others. Blogs are easily accessible and they are equally shared amongst everyone.

Trends in Blogging

1.      Information blogs

These blogs cover topics right from history, to current events. Informative blogs write about information on various hobbies, procedures and techniques. This involves a lot of research and extensive general knowledge.Businessman Holding Graph

2.      Company blogs

Many businesses maintain blogs (like this one: blog) with the idea of creating an easier method to communicate with their customers. These blogs are used to educate the patrons about the company’s products or services. It creates a more approachable means of communicating directly with their clients.

3.      Family blogging

Some families find it a little tough to stay in touch. Some families have found a unique and easy solution by creating a family blog. These blogs are usually updated with pictures, videos, family news etc., and is very accessible by any member of the family at any time. Sometimes, these family blogs share tips and discuss the tricks of the trade with their audience like meal planning, outings, picnicking, etc. They offer advice and guidelines to new families as well.

4.      Travel blogging

These types of blogs cover everything from hotel rooms, right down to what to eat where and when. Travel blogs give their readers an insight of exotic places and location, the first hand experiences of the travellers, and the travellers’ advice for the different locations. The travellers can give advice to fellow travellers, and give them useful suggestions for when they embark on their journey.

5.      Creative blogging

Novice writers often find it hard to publish a book. Some writers turn to blogs to publish their work and earn money from them as well. They post their literature and can reach a larger audience through their blogs. Chances of these writers to get better and a higher grade of attention are very high when they publish themselves on a blog, because the process of sharing their work is easy and quick, especially through social media networks.

6.      Creative outbursts

Some bloggers write with the purpose of being funny and witty, giving their readers an account of things from their perspective. These blogs are great sources of entertainment, often very funny and creative as well. The writers put an extra load of effort in making the blogs as amusing as possible, to keep their audience glued to their posts.

7.      Cultural blogs

The aim of these blogs was to give readers an idea of the blogger’s culture and their cultural background. These blogs offer readers an idea of outside cultures that may be unique and new to them. Often, cultural bloggers write about their cultural practices and the reasons behind them, giving their reader’s an insight to their practices.

What Do YOU Blog About?

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About the author:  Grace is a content strategist associated with Godot Media. She has worked with writers from various niches like finance blog writers, article writers etc. She has helped several businesses work on their content marketing strategy.


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    I blog about my digital and traditional scrapbooking as well as some of my photography. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people as well as a great way to network with designers! In the near future I hope to start my own design company and I know I will have great support from the lovely women I’ve already met in my short time online!
    Stephanie @ Bee Tree Studios recently posted..Template Tuesday – July 9, 2013

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    #2 Company blogs is right on the money. As organizations have discovered the power of content marketing, more and more have begun publishing blogs. In many cases they will use multiple blogs, each targeted for different segments. It’s very effective, but in many cases leads to content sourcing problems, due to the sheer amount of high quality content required. This has lead to the rise of a veritable plethora of content marketing agencies supplying content and content strategy consulting services.
    Steve Faber recently posted..Why Your Email Newsletter Isn’t Working – 10 Campaign Killing Newsletter Mistakes

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    Hi there, Found your blog today, it’s so useful! Thank you! I think I will add a link to it from my blog, some day, to direct people to the information they need if they want to start blogging themselves.
    I blog about DIY stuff and things I make (on a budget), especially hoping to inspire others to do the same. Just what makes me happy and what I love doing, that’s what I blog about :)
    Veerle recently posted..DIY Makeup Remover


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