Infographic: How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Want to get more likes for your Facebook page?

Kissmetrics has put together this amazing infographic to help you figure out how to do just that!

How to Get More Likes on Facebook - Infographic

Source: How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic

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    • The Blogelina Team says

      Facebook is a funny beast, their algorithms change pretty frequently. For me, Jillian, I find that I get the most engagement on my FB page when I post 2 to 3 times each day with different mediums.

      I’ll typically post, an image, an article and a status. Another REALLY great thing with FB is video uploaded directly to FB (bypassing YouTube). FB LOVES this and will share it with a lot of your followers.

      My best advice is to experiment and see what works best for you. But, the more engagement you have, the more engagement FB will give you. Good luck!

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