Improve Your Alexa Rank with These Two Fast and Easy Tips

MH900398791There are many ways that bloggers measure their success. Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank are two of the most popular. If your Alexa ranking seems to be stagnant, there are a couple of tricks you can implement to get it to drop fast.

Install the Alexa Tool Bar

Alexa is a rank that essentially determines how often a website or blog is visited compared to all of the other website and blogs on the web. The lower your Alexa rank, the better.

But, there is a catch.

Your Alexa rank is determined by how many people visit your website that have the Alexa toolbar installed. Who visits your blog more than you do? My guess: no one. I know that I am the top visitor to my blog. After all, I have posts to write and comments to respond to. I spend a good amount of time on my blog. This is why it is crucial for bloggers to install the Alexa toolbar.

(You can install the toolbar here.)

You can also encourage any friends or family who visit your blog to install the Alexa toolbar on their computers.

You will be amazed at how fast your rank will drop just by implementing this one, simple tip.

Comment on Other Blogs

The average Joe doesn’t know about the Alexa rank, but since most bloggers measure their rank they will have the toolbar installed. If you comment on a lot of other blogs in your niche, chances are they will come back to your blog and return the favor.

This is the main method I have used to lower my Alexa ranking. My blog is about 6 months old and has an Alexa hovering around 200,000. Everyday my rank consistently drops a little lower.

You get added points with this technique. Your Alexa rank will lower, all while building valuable connections with fellow bloggers.

Alexa is Not Just Important to You

Your Alexa rank is not just important to you. If part of your blog monetization strategy is direct advertising then lowering your Alexa rank is critical. Different advertisers look for different metrics. I have been contacted by some that base their pricing primarily off of Alexa rank and I have seen others that pay no attention to it.

If you are interested in direct advertising you need to be aware of your rankings.

There you have it. Lowering your Alexa ranking really is simple. Even if you only implement tip number one you will consistently see results.

Author Bio: Alexa is a single mother to two little girls, ages three and four. She is also an avid blogger. She chronicles her journey as a single mother trying to make it big at Single Moms Income.


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  1. says

    It is true that Alexa is not really very important if you are just concerned about writing blog posts and share your knowledge. But after a certain time, it becomes important when your blog gets attention from people and you want to monetize your blog. To get maximum advertisers attention, you really need a good Alexa ranking to show that your blog receives good number of visitors. As a result, advertising with you should be profitable for the advertisers as well. So it becomes important gradually, although not in the beginning. But it is right that you try to increase your Alexa ranking right from the beginning. Here are some more ideas you should implement to increase your Alexa rank. Read :
    Tamal Krishna recently posted..25 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites That Really Work.

  2. says

    Good tips! I had a pretty good run with Alexa for awhile, with a dramatic drop from >1million to just under 500k but that number has stabilised and hasn’t improved in a while. Any other ideas?!

  3. says

    I have the alexa toolbar installed in mx browser. The ranking depends on how many new visitor are getting to your site a day. Also comments do a lot of interest among the vistors who want some knowledge from your blog.

  4. says

    Another great article about Alexa rank. But I surely will not add an Alexa toolbar on my site just to boost my site. Actually, I don’t really care about Alexa rank, I prefer writing a quality content for my site :)

  5. says

    Thanks for the tips! I knew about the second one. I have downloaded the extension. I can’t wait to see what happens. I was a bit discouraged, because I went down a bit over the weekend in the rankings despite on posting extras and having more traffic…

  6. says

    I am regular visitor to your blog.This post helps me a lot…..

    I want to share my Experience …I have a blog from march but alexa rank is always constant in from march to september 25..afterwords I moved to Top domain name i.e.,/
    .On october 1st My alexa rank is just 1,44,768 but now it was just 29,00,000 within 10 days A lot of improvement …
    I had also researched on many things regarding the alexa and I had wrote around 21 killer tips to improve alexa rank i.e.,… …

  7. says

    Alexa ranking is a highly useless one, given that it could be manipulated to a large extent. I was able to bring down my alexa ranking from 60 million to a little under 100k in about 20 days, (read to know how I did that) and then I realized : Who the hell can believe Alexa rankings? Its a waste of resources.

    Also it monitors all your search data, which is what NSA does and yet people aren’t crying foul!! Alexa rankings are not only useless but compromise your privacy as well.
    Aravind Bachu recently posted..Forget Alexa Rankings, it’s time to move on

  8. says

    So Informative Post, as a New comer blogger this Article is give me good knowledge about Alexa Ranking and this a very strong part.
    Thank you to sharing me and i like to read this Article

  9. says

    Hey, thanks for positing this. I’m struggling to find out why my page rank has gone up. One more question, sometimes, when I comment on other posts, I’ll post my blogs URL in the comment box — would this be seen as a bad thing?

  10. says

    I have just signed up for a pro alexa listing and I love the comparison graph with my competition. Since I started my website back in september my rank has grown to 424,451 from 15,191,918 which I am overjoyed with and it still continues to grow!
    some great tips here Alexa thanks for sharing!
    – Phillip
    p.s. did you know that your commentluv plugin is not working?

  11. says

    Thanks for the tips. But do you know a method to change the URL of a web log without losing Alexa rank of the previous URL? Please let us know if you know.

  12. says

    Hi,thanks for this much needed tip,iv’e now installed the toolbar..My rankings have been dropping at a crazy speed and wasn’t quite sure what i should be doing about it but this blog has really helped to explain what alexa does so hopefully this will help sort out the problem

    Thanks a lot :)

  13. Matthew Kaufman says

    Wow, I have been completely baffled by my rank. My views have been consistent and yet it dropped a massive amount. This is super informative! Thanks for the info! My blog is on emerging technology news at

  14. says


    Thanks for your mains points on Alexa ratings, as mentioned by other low Alexa achieving websites. In the past 8 days I just moved over to WordPress as my other software was not seo friendly. Good jump in lowering my ratings in a few days as I have good quality written unique content (My myself) and many more pages to upload on a daily basis. Did not think to add the Alexa tool bar.

  15. says

    Great tips improving alexa rank can be quite challegeing these tips will definitely help on improving alexa rank thanks for the great article.

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