How To Inspire Something Big With Your Blog – No Matter How Many Readers You Have!

MP900387767It’s so easy to just talk about the big difference we want to make with our blogs.  But, what are we actually doing to use our influence to really inspire people?

Because, let’s face it – whether you have 5 readers or 500,000 readers – you have the ability to change someone’s life in a big way with your blog today.

Don’t believe me?

Think about your own life and some of the blogs that have influenced you in a real way.

Then, take a look at these steps and start using your own blogging influence for great things!

1. Empower.

If you’re wanting to inspire action among your readers, you need to provide them with the tools to do what it is they should be doing!  Some tools might be:

  1. How-To’s – Make it easy to do whatever it is you’re talking about!
  2. Checklists – Another great tool to make big tasks more achievable for your readers.
  3. Resources – Recommend legitimate, relevant, helpful stuff.
  4. Services – If you can, be available to help when a reader needs it!

Real Life Example: Here at Blogelina, we pay for a FREE year of hosting for everyone who takes our Online Blogging Class.  To create a money-making blog, we say it’s important to have your own hosting, your own domain, and WordPress for your blog – so we put our money where our mouth is and provide those things for our class students.

2. Lead By Example.

People want a leader.  They want to listen to and follow someone who actually knows what it feels like to be them – and to make a difference!  Show your readers by your example that it IS possible to achieve what they’re wanting.

Real Life Example: Crystal Paine of helps people live well on the income they have.  Why do her readers listen to her?  Well, she and her husband used to live on just $1,000 a month – then, in just a few years, they ended up paying cash for the home they’re in now.  Seriously, you have to check out her blog to believe it all!

3. Instruct.

Show your readers how to get where they want to go.  Do the work to break the big picture down into doable bites and then walk your readers through how to do each step.  It might be easy to be inspired with an idea but if you don’t know where to go next to make the inspiration a reality, you’re going to lose steam.  Keep that from happening to your readers!

Real Life Example: As the man who played a huge role in my own blogging career getting started, I have to mention Darren Rowse of here.  From his e-book, 31 Days To A Better Blog, to each and every blog post that he publishes, Darren is providing relevant, useful info for the rest of us bloggers.  We want to be like him and he shows us how to do it!

4. Build A Sounding Board.

Who doesn’t want a little affirmation now and then?  Create a space on your blog where your readers can share their own stories.  Make it easy for they to sound off when they make something happen.

Real Life Example: did this recently when they asked their readers What Is Your Most Popular Piece of Content & Why?  What a great way to let their audience show off what they’ve been up to!

What Blogs Are Inspiring You These Days?

Give them a kind shout-out in the comments below!

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  1. says

    You raise some helpful points and i enjoyed having examples as well. There are some interesting links too, which I’m going to check out right now. Hmmm, blogs that inspire me? Mohito Mother, successful blogging, and I’m finding others v via the Problogger challenge which is where I found you :)

    • Tanya says

      Thanks, Patrick! I’m heading over to check out your How-To post for – the topic is right up my alley!

    • Tanya says

      Christine, I’ve been privileged to learn from the examples above, too, and am happy to pass along their info!


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