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    Thanks so much for the infographic. I just started out blogging as well and this visual makes it easier for me to keep in mind some things to do to make my blog generate income.

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    I have recently featured a couple of posts on my blog about earning money, and as a result of the interest have set up a newsletter to chart through the ways I am making money, and give readers short step by step action plans to implement too. I’ve made nearly $600 from my blog so far this month! That’s not bad for my second month.
    Anyone interested can take a look at the info on the top of this page –
    It’s all free.
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    • Tanya says

      Rena, one idea would be to pitch the company a sponsored post deal. Another important thing to have in place is an advertising or PR page so that companies know what you charge for your sponsored posts.

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    There are many additional ways to boost your income in 2013. You just have to spend a little time planning. Since starting my blog almost 4 years ago, I’ve appreciated having some extra part-time money. I’m convinced boosting your income is a great way to get your finances in shape and eventually transition to being your own boss (if that’s your objective).
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  4. Charlene says

    Learning alot from this info graphic! Most certainly will be revisiting this page when my blog starts. Gotta start off with the right foot! Thanks Tanya!

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