Guest Post: What Will Happen To Guest Blogging in 2013?

There are plenty of speculations regarding the effectiveness of guest blogging this coming 2013, credited mostly to all those updates Google has been throwing around this year. But there is one speculative idea that dominates all else: that the usefulness of outside content will come to an abrupt halt. In short, guest posting will be dead. I, however, very much disagree with that notion. Rather, I believe that the forthcoming year will bring about changes not for the dismay of guest blogging but instead for the betterment of it. It is also to my belief that those who are claiming death compose mostly of SEO agencies that employ black hat SEO strategies such as spamming and content spinning. For what use is guest posting if they are no longer able to abuse it, right?

So, what exactly is happening anyway? Google Penguin that’s what! The changes that this update has brought upon the Google algorithm are more than significant. In fact, it changes much of the game as most of us know it. So how will these updates affect guest blogging next year? Well, for now things still look a bit hazy and nothing is indeed for certain…yet. Nonetheless here are 5 ideas of what the oncoming year has in store for guest blogging.

Predictions about Guest Blogging in 2013

1. The new algorithm will finally be understood

guest-blogger2012 was a year filled with wacky updates from Google that shook and rattled a lot of SEO agencies and Link Builders. It was a year witness to the downfall of a number of high ranking website empires, for reasons void of clarity. However, 2013 is going to have a more positive vibe since this will be the time wherein all of those updates will start to make sense. Once a firmer grip on how the new algorithm works takes hold, webmasters will be able to finally adapt and come up with the proper strategies to make their SEO work again and a large portion of it would include guest blogging and link building.

2. Google will be targeting Guest Posts

Guest posts were born of noble intentions. The idea was simple: you create high quality content for another blogger who in turn would revel at the free value being added to his or her site. The post would of course contain a link that directed back to your own. This way, the followers of the blog owner get to read your work and those who like it may click on your backlink and become a subscriber to your own blog. This increases traffic to your site and at the same time improves your page ranking. However, abusers have abused (because that’s what they do) this once noble idea and turned it into their weapon of mass destruction. Spamming and content spinning and worthless (yes, crap) articles became very abundant and Google has basically had enough of it.

3. Content Spinning will be penalized

Content that has been borrowed time and time again and has seen the entire vastness of the internet galaxy is a reality, a sad one. It degrades the value of a user’s experience on the web because instead of being provided information that is valuable and noteworthy, he or she is served garbage. Thankfully though, Google has raised its arms in defiance, so to speak, and has declared war on content spinning! The new algorithms will ensure that this malpractice will see its end.

4. Low quality content will also be penalized

Enough is enough. No more lame attempts on getting up through the page ranks with useless, ugly and ill written articles! This too degrades the experience value of internet users. Neither knowledge nor relevant information is gained from this sort of content which is why it has to stop. Fortunately Google seems to be on the same page of thinking. Expect low quality content to slowly wither out as the year progresses.

5. The need to develop a website’s own content will have more gravity

google-penguin-updateDue to all the updates that involve content and guest blogging, the need for creating high value content will increase drastically. Many will see guest posting as a source of bad rankings and will be looking on more ways to create their own content instead of relying on outside sources. This, however, does not mean the end of guest blogging. I think of it as somewhat a temporary precaution that site owners will take because of the still lacking understanding of the new algorithm.

Google changing is changing the rules of the game dramatically. These changes are for the betterment of guest blogging and will not bring about its death. The only thing that sees demise will be those who practice unfair and bad strategies such as spamming and content spinning. Low quality articles will also see its days coming to an end soon. The battle for page rank and traffic will wage on through the year, but unlike the past years the winners are those who actually provide content worthy of the crown!

Author bio: Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, an alumna of Multimedia and Graphics Design at Martin College Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow her adventures on her Twitter.

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  1. says

    I really enjoy guest blogs and I was always excited seeing one of my blogs featuring a new writer. It is always good to get some variation in your blogs and get a different point of views. I would totally agree that I did start seeing almost duplicate “spun” content used on multiple sites and it really brought down the blogs credibility. I follow a blog and they do accept guest posts, but have a very strict policy of only 100% unused content and it really does provide some great writings. I hope Google see’s that there still is some good bloggers and writers out there and this doesn’t ruin guest blogging.

  2. says

    Hi Celina,

    Great post,

    Everyone raves about how good “guest posting” is and its a must for anyone looking to build backlinks to their site or blog – I do have my doubts. I really do think Google will catch on to this in the next update, penalize the “guest post spammers” for writing for the sake of writing.

    Mark Morphew recently posted..AWeber

  3. says

    In my mind if content is 100% original, beneficial to the reader, and well-written, how can it be bad? I like guest posting and will continue to do it and do it well. I will not however accept guest posts that are re-written content or poorly written. Just use common sense is what I say.
    Suzanne recently posted..The Best Financial Advisor Weekly Schedule

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