How To Avoid Blogging Burnout – Set Up A Schedule

For those who really don’t like writing much, setting goals for your projects and breaking your projects down into smaller segments such as 15 to 20 minute tasks can eliminate some of the drudgery of writing for hours on end.

You can set up a continual article writing routine as follows:

*Set goals for specific dates if you desire to spread the task of writing over several days.

Task 1: Research new topic; decide on an article title and keywords you want to target. (Date: __/__/__ )(15-20 min.)

Task 2: Write out an outline for your article; decide all the main points and perhaps a few subpoints that you’ll want to discuss. (Date: __/__/__ )(15-20 min.)

Task 3: Write a really good introductory paragraph; this will be key to drawing the interest of your readers to keep reading. Consider again the title that you’ve chosen to make sure it catches the immediate attention of your targeted audience. (Date: __/__/__ )(15-20 min.)

Task 4: Get into the meat of your article. Start writing quickly under each point. Don’t dilly-dally! You’ll be proofreading in the next task. Right now just focus on getting your thoughts and information written down.

(Date: __/__/__ )(15-20 min.)

Task 5: Take a fresh look at your recently written article. Proofread. Now select words that may have been repeated too much or words that need a better description by using (Date: __/__/__ )(15-20 min.)

By breaking down the task of writing an article such as presented above, you can write a fresh, quality article every 5 days. Of course, for those who may need to write a new article everyday, you can break down the tasks throughout your day.

Either way, you can avoid much of the drudgery by planning your project well and breaking down your tasks. It’s also important to note that you need not spend 15 minutes on every task as stated above. As you practice more and more with such a steady routine, you’ll learn to write very quickly.

Avoid Time Wasters

Avoiding time wasters will also help you write without feeling the stress of trying to hurry along in your work or playing “catch up” to finish an article by a certain deadline. Time wasters can be anything that quickly wastes away your time such as: checking your email too often, spending too much time on social networks, being a perfectionist and spending too much time on each task.

The overall key to writing on a consistent basis and constantly churning out new content will be organizing your time. Without planning a specific time to write, you’ll more than likely avoid the job. Decide also, where your content writing should be placed on your to-do list. If content writing is a high priority, then it should be placed toward the top of your list.

Just Get Started!

Often just getting started is all that you will need to get the momentum going. Once you get things rolling, you’ll want to keep practicing and perfecting your routine…and don’t forget to reward yourself for your achievements. We all like rewards, and rewarding ourselves can turn practically any task into a satisfying mission to complete.

How do you keep yourself on a schedule?

Leave a comment below!

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  1. says

    Excellent article; I’m so guilty of keeping distractions and time wasters open, but when I do sit down with a blank text document, everything else shut down and my timer for company it’s amazing what I can achieve in 15 minutes of focused time.
    Another thing that works for me, and it’s a bit of a no-brainer, is to work at my best time of day. For me that’s early morning; I get up before everyone else and spend that hour being my most productive. It’s my time when I ‘eat a frog’ – in other words tackle my most horrible job of the day and then it sets me up for an easy day because that’s out of the way!
    Rae recently posted..Stop wasting time! Four email time management tips

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