For Serious Bloggers Only: Does Your Design Stand Up To This Test? {Infographic}

Is your design holding your blog back?  If you’re not seeing the results you’re wanting from your blogging, one of the first places to look at for changes is your blog design itself.  How friendly is YOUR blog?

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    Tanya – Thanks for posting this. I hope many site owners read it! I have to say that where it states the blog has to be easy on the eyes and have fonts that are easily readable – those are two of the biggest reasons that I click that ‘X’ to exit out of a site. There are times when it’s not even a blog (ie: larger companies) that have such light font that I can’t read it and I simply exit out. If the font on a site is too small – I’m gone just as fast. Sure, I could hit ctrl and the ‘+’ key to enlarge the screen/font, but I won’t for the mere fact that if the site owner doesn’t take into consideration their reader’s ability to be able to read the text – then I can’t be bothered to take my time to read it. I’ve written about this very same topic before on my site as I find it very frustrating to get to a site and not be able to read what I went there for to begin with. Furthermore – I’m only 50. I experience these issues spoken of simply because my vision, with the use of corrective lenses or contacts isn’t optimal, and hasn’t been since I was a child. Another issue that site owners really need to take into consideration are those who have seizure disorders. Many individuals with seizure disorders have a real hard time with certain colors and flashing buttons. If they are on a site that isn’t optimal for their reading – it puts that person at a risk of having a seizure.
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