Blogging Productivity Tips, Part 5: Understand That Productivity Doesn’t Have to Be Writing

blogging schedule

Creating a blogging schedule makes you more productive.

Often, when we think about productivity in blogging, we’re often talking about creating lots of written content on a regular basis. However, being a productive blogger doesn’t always have to be about writing as much content as you can. No, in fact, many successful bloggers don’t sit at their desk all day writing – it’s as much about the promotion of the content as the content itself.

Not Writing Does Not Equal Wasted Time

On those days where you don’t write or upload any content, those days aren’t days that have to be wasted. When you don’t write or a submit a post, it doesn’t mean that since you don’t have time or the willpower to complete those tasks that you should just not bother. There are several different things that you can do to still be a successful blogger without having to spend your day writing.


Let’s say that you were going to write a post and you didn’t get time to actually write it. It’s so easy to just forget about it and wait until the next time that you were going to upload something and upload it at a later date. However, that would set you back on your schedule and it’s actually not worth it.

If you’re looking to still get your idea out there, you can just as quickly flick on your WebCam and record a quick five minute video talking about the topic that you were going to write about. Video is an excellent idea because many people love to sit and watch videos. They love to be able to sit back and watch their favorite blogger speak to them directly instead of having to read the content. It means that they can see the person behind the blog, interact with you and also get the information that you’re giving them in a different format to what they’re used to.

By uploading a video and posting it on your blog, you not only have a new informative post that took you five minutes to create and upload, your readers get to see you in a different way and you give them a new form of hearing your message, but your video can also sit on YouTube where you can pull in more traffic than you otherwise would have because people are now going to be finding you through YouTube.

Social Media

Another element of being a productive blogger is to ensure that you’re promoting yourself. A productive blogger doesn’t just spend their time writing blog posts, they also go ahead and spend time promoting themselves. There’s no point writing content that no one’s going to see – it would be like performing to an empty crowd.

There are many ways to help you build an audience and get traffic to your blog, but one that utilizes the idea that you can get traffic to your blog while also building your brand is to use social media. Social media is one of the best ways to get yourself out there, to show people who you are and to tell them that they should take notice.

While writing and publishing posts is a necessary part of being a blogger, a productive blogger also takes the time to get out there and promote the content that they have written in order to get a greater leverage from it. Writing content is one thing, and promoting it is another.

If you are striving to be a productive blogger, you’ll have to learn the art of promoting your own content because you’ll come to realize that the productivity isn’t in the continuous writing of content, it’s in the way that you can make the most from the content that you’ve already written – and that’s to promote it.

Promoting your content isn’t just about letting people know when you’ve created a new piece of content; it’s about promoting your content that’s both old and new. Social media is a fantastic way to really get people to read that review of the product that you wrote, or a way to get people to share that post that you want to go viral.

Being productive is never about working yourself to overload, it’s about making the most progress with the least effort and social media is the way forward.

So how should you promote your content and build your brand as part of becoming a productive blogger?

Well, first you need to make sure that you talk about your content. As soon as you’ve got a new post out there, make sure that you tweet it on Twitter (using hash tags related to your post, eg. #Diabetes or #Movies), give it a +1 and share it on G+, share it on Facebook and also submit it to social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon.

Of course, it’s always best if you spend time to build up a following on each of these social media platforms – and that’s something that takes time but is very important.

Another great tip is to sign up in forums that are related to your blog topic. Don’t simply spam the forum with your site details – you can just add a signature link and begin posting helpful comments on the forum. You’re likely to build a name for yourself on the forum if you continually post and help people.

When you want to ensure that you’re being as much of a productive blogger as you can, every little form of promotion can make all the difference because, each time you get your content out there as far as you can get it to go, the greater the chance that you can build up a large audience when it gets shared further.

Remember, being a productive blogger is not just about producing lots of content and producing it fast, it’s also ensuring that people see the content you’re creating. Those masters of productive blogging spend as much time, if not more time, getting their content in front of an audience than they do actually writing it.

What Do You Spend More Time Doing?

Writing content?  Or promoting it?  Share in the comments below!

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    That is so true. Its taken a long time for me to realize that but I’ve since realized that productivity is not just about writing stuff all the time but making sure it reaches the right audience. Although for me, its annoying to do social promotions especially when I’m in the groove for writing. The break in activity puts me off!
    Adeline recently posted..Gadgets and Gizmos for Life on the Road

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    Useful article. Following these tips will get a good rank for the blog. Even if we have good articles promoting makes it to reach more people. Thanks for the share.

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