Blogging Productivity Tips, Part 2: How to Organize Your Computer and Desktop

After understanding the reasons why you need to become a productive blogger, the second thing that you should begin working on if you’re looking to become more productive is getting organized. There’s nothing worse than trying to motivate yourself to complete your chosen tasks, deal with the technical aspects of your blog and, at the same time, try to be creative and come up with great content when your workspace and computer are in a mess.

Where you work and the way that you work can be important when trying to stay inspired and productive when working on your blog. If you’ve got a messy desk with papers, bills and food all over the place, you’re not doing yourself any favors. The saying about a clear desk equals a clear mind is true and, in order for you to feel comfortable, relaxed and prepared, it’s important that you clear yourself some space and give yourself room to breathe when working.

If you’re finding it difficult to sit down and get on with that blog post you’ve been meaning to complete (or even start), it’s going to be much more efficient to ensure that your workspace is prepared for you to actually sit and work. Many times, when working from home, it can be so easy to lose an air of professionalism (and, in some ways that can be one of the perks) but it also shouldn’t be the case that this causes you to not treat the work that you’re doing as something meaningful. By simply setting the right intentions before you start a project and ensuring that you have cleared up your working space, you’ve starting your project free of clutter and distractions that may cause you to not take the work you’re about to do seriously.

Essentially, it makes no difference whether you work in your own office or at a desk or on the kitchen side with a laptop – the premise is still the same. Your workspace is the place where the magic is going to happen. It’s the place where your blogging empire is going to be launched and developed and, if you truly want to reach great heights with your online business through blogging, it’s important that you take your workspace seriously enough because that workspace – however small or mediocre – is your office, your place of work, and it should be treated as such.

Keep It Simple

When you’re running a business (and blogging for income certainly is a business) it’s important to keep everything that you need nearby and to not get overwhelmed with a lot of excess information that’s only going to burden you. It’s best to stick to the bare minimum – even if it’s only to give you plenty of personal space so that you don’t feel flustered. When you’re trying to do something and it’s not going the way that you planned, any unnecessary clutter is going to cause you to get even more frustrated. It may seem trivial, but really, a quick clear out of your workspace gives you a fresher and more prepared for taking on those tasks.

Tips For Clearing Your Workspace

  • Keep everything to the bare minimum
  • Don’t clutter up your desk with lots of papers and notes
  • Keep a notice board and calendar where you can write your daily goals and see what you need to do at a glance.
  • Keep a trashcan nearby and don’t store things that aren’t useful

Whatever you use as your workspace, it’s important to respect it and, in many ways, it helps your productivity because it gives you a great platform from which to work and from which to create ideas. Your workspace really is the place from which you’re running your whole business and it’s important that it gets treated as such.

Keeping Your Computer Organized

While keeping your workspace organized is great for giving you that boost of productivity that you need in order to enable you to feel fresh, motivated and prepared, it’s just as important to organize that way you store your files on your computer.

Not being able to find the file that you’re working on in all that mass of complicated folders, duplicate files and gigs worth of downloads swimming around in your download folder is not only inconvenient and distracting but it’s a complicated mess that you could do without.

Organize Your Computer – Where To Start

If you’re trying to work on a new project, it’s important to keep everything together and not have to go ahead and search your whole computer and wade through files in order to find what you’re looking for.

There are many ways of organizing your files and one of the best ways are by project and then by date. For example, you could have a folder on your desktop that relates to a project that you are working on. Within that folder, let’s say that you’re working on a blog post; that blog post should have its own folder and within that folder it’s important to include everything that you need for that blog post. You can keep a section for research notes, a page for the actual blog post draft text, a separate folder for images and also keyword research that you can use to find the right keywords to target with your blog posts.

Stop Wasting Your Time

One of the reasons that many bloggers fall short in terms of productivity is due to the fact that there can be a general lack of organization of files, folders and documents. A well-laid-out arrangement of important files and folders can make all the difference in, not only ensuring that you can always find what you need when you need to find it, but to allow you to feel prepared, organized and ready to take on your next blog post or project.

It can be all too easy to feel overwhelmed in a mass of files, notes and blog post ideas and so, by simply organizing the way that you lay out your blog post ideas, it becomes easier and faster to complete a blog post because you’ve gotten everything that you need ready in advance. It’s also great to start dropping your research into the appropriate blog post folders so that you are more organized when you need to get to start writing them up. You’ll know exactly where you need to go to find your material and it will already be set up for you to just get started on the writing process.

If you have everything that you need organized and ready to go, the only thing that you then need to do is start writing. You can get on with the creative process and let it flow instead of worrying about all of the technicalities and organization that would hinder your creative flow. It gives a great sense of release to clear up all of the organization in one go than have to try and organize and research as you’re trying to be creative.

Next Week, We’ll Talk About…

The importance of creating a schedule for your blogging – and the big role it plays in increasing your productivity.


  1. Sharon says

    Many people make pseudo plans to write a blog post on one day and then put it back to another day because they didn’t feel like it or they were doing something else. One of the best ways to deal with that lack of focus and direction is to just lay out a blogging schedule so that you can always stay on track.

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