If You Read Anything This Week, Read This: Better Blogging Tips From Around the Blogosphere

There’s so much great reading around the blogosphere this week – but, in the name of trying to make things simpler and less overwhelming, I’ve just chosen five of my favorites to share.

  • 10 Titillating Tips For Struggling Bloggers – Is your blogging in a bit of a slump lately?  Looking for a little more inspiration or lacking any kind of enthusiasm for your blogging?  Check out this post with some pretty simple ideas for breathing new life into your blogging.  My personal favorite tip was the one on drinking your beverage of choice while blogging – sometimes the best thing to do for your blog is to just take a break!
  • 8 Things Your Bloggers Want More Than Good Content – I’m one of the first, along with many of the big bloggers, to tell you that content is one of the most important things your blog has to offer to your readers.  Your content is why they keep coming back for more.  I thought this article was really interesting because it clearly lays out several OTHER things that your readers want from you and your blog.  Take some time to read through these ideas and see what changes you can make on your blog.  Oh, and be sure to start following QuickSprout, too – it’s an amazing resource!
  • A Checklist for 2012 Content Marketing Plans – This is a great post on asking questions about what worked for your blog in 2011 – and how you can apply what you’ve learned to 2012.  How are you planning to make 2012 your blog’s best year yet?  Don’t just dream about – get some ideas on paper and start making the changes!
  • How to Have Smarter Email Management – I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my time management.  This post offers some great idea, so many of them simple, for dealing with what can be the overwhelming task of keeping up with your inbox!  Pick just one or two tips to apply to your own email management and see just how much time (and frustration) you can save yourself!

What Have You Read (Or Written) This Past Week?

I’m always on the lookout for great new blogs to read – if you found an amazing post this week, please share in the comments below!

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