Boost Your Blogging Productivity: 5 Blogging Goals For the Week (And Link Up To Yours!)

As I’ve said so often in my Profitable Blogging for Beginners Class, one of the most important things I’ve learned through my blogging ventures has been the importance of setting goals and having them to work toward.  Setting a couple of goals for your blog each month, or each week, or each day is a simple thing but it can do amazing things for helping you take your blog to the level you want it to be at!

For the next 6 months, here at Blogelina, I’ve decided to have a different monthly focus for my goals.  Then, each week on Mondays, I’ll list my weekly goals and give you an update on last week’s goals and how I did keeping them, as well.  I’m excited to start doing this as it keeps me motivated – and, I hope, gives you encouragement as you seek to keep your own goals.

Blogelina’s 6 Month Goal Focuses –

  • January – Starting Up 2012 Changes: This month will see the addition of two weekly features – one on goals and one a round-up of great posts from around the blogging world.  Plus I’m putting the finishing touches on the 10-Week Blog Mentorship Program and we’re making some changes to the Blogging Buddy Groups and re-introducing the 365 Days of Blogging Tips on our Faceobok page.  A lot going on this month!
  • February – How to Get More Blog Comments: And a project to help you get 100 comments on your blog post!
  • March – Facebook: Ideas for increasing fan page likes and providing more information for readers!
  • April – Boost Your Blog Traffic: A 30-Day series of ideas for Traffic Increasing Tips is in the works!
  • May – Boost Your Blog Profits: Practical Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Money-Making Skills!
  • June – Twitter: Practical tips for marketing on Twitter, including increasing engagement and following!

My 5 Goals For This Week

  • Write One Guest Blog Post.  One of my blog marketing strategies for the next couple of months is to write and submit at least 2 guest post articles a month to various blogs.  I’ve made a list of blogs I’d like to submit posts to, along with some topic ideas for each one – now I just need to get to writing!
  • Taxes! Yep, that time of year is here so I’ll be spending a day this week working on figuring and submitting Blogelina’s taxes.  You can read some tax tips for your blog in the series I published recently here at Blogelina.  TurboTax is definitely my friend this time of year – for my own taxes and my blog’s, as well!
  • Twitter Party Planning.  Blogelina will be hosting our next Scavenger Hunt Twitter Party on Tuesday, January 31st.  The last one we hosted was such a huge success, we’re excited to do it again!  So, I need to get the sign-up post written and decide what prizes we’ll be offering.   If you’re new to Twitter, check out How to Host A Great Twitter Party, Part One and Part Two or How to Attend a Twitter Party.
  • Mentorship Planning The 10-Week Blog Mentorship Program will start begin here at Blogelina on February 1st.  I’m putting together all the coursework and topics that we’ll be covering in that 10-week program and setting up the membership site for that.  Really excited to get to know the bloggers who have signed up so far and do what I can to help them see the success they want for 2012!  I can’t believe our start is just over 3 weeks away!
  • Leave A Comment Each Day On Another Blog. A great way to increase your blog’s network and traffic is to leave meaningful comments on other blogs.  I can get carried away with this pretty easily – I love reading the amazing posts of other bloggers.  So, I don’t often make a point to do this because it ends up eating too much of my time.  I want to start leaving just ONE comment each day – limiting my time commitment, yet still getting those comments out there!

What Are Your Goals This Week? Let Us Know!

As you write about the goals you have for your blog, even if you choose just one a week, I would love to hear about them!  Either link to your own blog goal post in the Linky below – or leave a comment at the end of this post!  Then, take just 5 minutes or so and head over to someone else’s blog to leave an encouraging comment.

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  1. says

    1. Try to figure out how to successfully post photos to my blog! Am really having troubles lately… (??)
    2. Write some posts and complete some projects to post.
    3. Continue researching how to do this better!
    4. Figure out how to mesh my Intentions with my Actuality.
    5. Support others in the Group.
    Lynden Blossom recently posted..Lullabies and Love Album #5 – Part 2

  2. says

    I had what I think are two really good ideas for series on my blog and now I want to get some posts written and scheduled to take some pressure off. My goal is to have 2 posts/wk, but with the series I’m going to up it to 3/wk. I have to say I love this site and I love how supportive people are. I’m so thrilled to finally be getting comments on my blog!! Now if I could just get some that aren’t from here…. :)
    Mona recently posted..Camping Memories

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