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I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming and planning for Blogelina lately.  Looking ahead to 2012, I’ve done some serious sit down time to figure out where we are now and where we want to be.  2011 was an amazing year for Blogelina – it’s going to take a whole post to tell about it – so stay tuned for that this coming Friday…  You’re going to be as amazed (like mouth gaping open) as we’ve been with Blogelina’s success (plus I’ll share a couple things we’ve done to help 2011 be such an unbelievable first year).

I’ve set some goals for Blogelina – breaking them down into those manageable (at least I think so) bites that I can actually get done and check off my list.  Again, more to come on that in the new weekly feature we’ll have here on Blogelina – check in on Monday to see how your blog can get involved.

All that to say, I am really excited for 2012!  Some resources that I’ve glanced at, read through, or plan to buy and read this coming year – because I am so pumped about the incredible stuff they have to offer are mentioned below.

Really Important Note: For your blog to grow like you want it to, you need to invest in resources like these.  It’s so important to learn from bloggers who have gone before – you can find out the mistakes they made, so you don’t have to!  The blogging world is growing by leaps and bounds – which can be a good thing, until you want your blog to stand out from the rest.  So, find a blogger who has seen success and follow them around for a while to find out how they did itInvesting $100 or so in your blog in the beginning to see profits in the $10,000’s is well worth it – more on that in that Friday post I mentioned.  Remember, free has a cost, too.

You never know – 2012 could the the year for your blog!  Learn the tools of the trade, put in the work – and you just never know what might happen…

Anyway, here’s my reading list:

  • The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing: 31 Steps To A Profitable BlogI just bought this last month and have already skimmed through the e-book – it is PACKED with info that I’m really excited to dig into further.  In true Problogger style, Darren is sure to deliver amazing advice and therefore amazing results in this marketing guide.  I’d love to see 2012 be an even better year than 2011 was for Blogelina and I plan to delve into this ebook and start putting the tips into practice to see even more traffic and more profits this year.
  • How to Launch the *** Out of Your E-Book (Or Blog, Or Whatever) – I seriously don’t know why it took me so long to buy this ebook.  I’ve read through the first half of it and found so many amazing ideas and tips for launching a product on the internet.  You don’t have to be launching an ebook to read this book – you could even be launching, or re-launching, a blog.  If you want some practical, easy to understand tips for making your launch a success, get this ebook.  It didn’t received all the hype it has for no reason.  It’s easy to read and even includes hands on worksheets to help you actually get the suggested tasks done.
  • Ramped ReviewsI have so many bloggers come through my Profitable Blogging Online Class who are wanting to do reviews on their blogs.  Robb promises to give the tools needed to get those products that you really want to have and review.  He gives tips and ideas on how to approach companies to pitch your blog for a review platform.  Included is also an actual pitch letter that Robb has seen success with.  I also just noticed that Robb has a Ramped Blogging e-book, too – just might have to check that one out, as well.
  • 31 Days to A Better Blog – 2012 EditionWhen I first started blogging, I purchased the original edition of the 31 Days to a Better Blog e-book by Darren Rowse.  I sincerely credit a large part of my blogging success to having read this e-book.  Without the tools, ideas, and tips that Darren offers in this book, I would not have been able to create such a successful blog in this short of a time.  Darren took his blog from $0 to a six figure income – and he’s a great guy.  So, he shares with the rest of us a lot about how he did it.  I’m excited to brush up on this ebook and check out the updated edition for the new year!
  • Daily Affiliate Tasks – I’ve subscribed to affiliate marketing master, Susanne Myers’, e-course for a while now.  But life has just been too crazy for me to read through the weekly emails and complete the tasks.  I’m excited to set aside some time to devote to applying her insight to my own blogging efforts.  I love how this course is set up in such an easy to follow format, complete with worksheets and check lists to help you really get the job done!  I’ve used a couple of Susanne’s Niche Packs to start blogs – they’re full of ideas, domain name ideas, affiliate program ideas, blog post topics, and more!  Everything you need to get a great blog started.  Those niche packs helped me so much in the beginning that I’m sure the Daily Affiliate Tasks are going to be good things to put to use, too.

What’s On Your Reading List This Year?

What amazing blogging resource have you found?  What else do I need to read?  Please leave a comment below and let me know about it!

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      Miriam, any of the Darren Rowse resources mentioned about would be helpful. Otherwise, might it help to write out your posts in advance and then review them after a day or two to edit out anything you don’t end up wanting to add?

    • says

      You’ve got a great list, Kyla – and don’t worry, the 31 Days e-book is NOT techy at all. It’s more about building your content to bring in the readers and keep them reading your blog – you’ll love it!

    • says

      I love your list! As you read those books, if you want to write reviews of them, I’d love to publish them as guest posts – keep me updated on your thoughts!

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