Day One of How to Start a Great Blog in 5 Days – Decide what to Blog About


How to Start a Blog in 5 Day

So, you’re wanting to start a blog, eh?  Congratulations – you’re about to start out on a fun journey!

An important first question to ask yourself is: Do I want to blog for profit or for fun? How you answer that question will determine how you will answer many of the questions to follow.  For this blog series, I’ll be assuming that you are wanting to blog for profit.

Another important thing to consider when planning for your blog is what you will be writing about.  What will your blog’s topic be?  Who will be your target reader?

To be successful, your blog will need to have focus for its content. This is where finding your blog’s niche comes in.  To define a niche for your blog, you need to consider what your blog’s topic will be and who will be your target audience.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on your blog’s topic:


  • What are you passionate about? This is the most important question to ask when deciding what your blog niche will be.  If you’re not excited about your topic, inspiration will be a hard thing to come by when it comes time to write – and having to write often – for your blog.
  • What is something that you know quite a bit about?
  • What is something that you are willing to do a lot of research on in order to be able to write about it?


  • Is there an interest in this topic? Here you’ll need to be a little careful.  If one of your goals for blogging involves earning an income, it will be tempting to try to focus your blog niche on something that is popular with others.  Certainly you will need to take the potential popularity of your blog topic into consideration.  But, you need to remember that you are going to be the one coming up with your blog’s content each day.  So, you need to have the expertise and the passion to be able to do that!

Now that you have an idea of what topic you will write about, let’s define your target audience:


  • What need will your blog meet?


  • Who is likely to have the need you are meeting?
  • How will you reach your potential reader?


  • How will you keep them interested and coming back to your blog?

Have you decided what you’ll be writing about?  Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. Chris Naber says

    I would like to start a blog about how to deal with and embrace your menapausal years. Challenges we face, how we feel, options to help optimize how you feel. Help women feel like they are not alone, we are a TEAM and we will not only get through it but truly make the journey the best one of our lives. Offer helpful tips on sleeplessness, weight gain, irritability, all the things that challenge us and keep us from living a full, fun life!

  2. says

    I will be writing about blended families and various situations which may occur within a blended family. I will use the issues I’ve encountered within my own family and those of my contributing writers.
    Alethea Etinoff recently posted..Thank you!

  3. Nina Oglesby says

    I will write about starting over again when leaving a husband due to domestic violence with children. I want women to be able to create their own family tree of support and resources available to them in various communities. I want it to be faith based. However, it will be practical to reach even those of a no religious or faith background. These women need to be empowered to trust, love and grow in life skills all over again.

  4. jamee says

    I want to blog about couponing for college single moms and maybe some rants and raves about kids and getting them into the money saving habit!

  5. says

    My blog is going to be about my faith, my family and my life on a hobby farm. My animals are all crazy and something new happens every day. Training mini horses and mini mules to drive is what I know how to do and the adventures we have.

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