10 Steps to Making Your Blog Popular  Blogelina

Surprise Them! 10 Steps to Making Your Blog Popular

So, you've started a blog, selected a pretty design, wrote a couple of posts and finally discovered that, well, no one actually cares about it. The truth might sound a bit harsh, but there are hundreds and thousands of women’s blogs: mom blogs, beauty blogs, cooking blogs, feministic blogs, etc. Just like in any other overpopulated niche, if you want to stand out, you have to be different, and you have to be better. Here are a few recommendations I’ve put together for you that might help you … [Read more...]

60+ Tips on the Importance of Keywords

How To Best Use Keywords On Your Blog {60+ Tips!}

We've heard it time and again, you need to use keywords in your posts in order to be found by search engines. However, there's more to it than just choosing a word and running with that. There are best practices to finding the best keywords that your post can rank for and ways to ensure that you aren't OVER using a keyword (Yes! This is possible). In today's post we're going to be sharing with you over 60 different tips about keywords; from what they are, how to find them, and how to use them … [Read more...]

How to Make More Time to Create Content - Blogelina

How to Make Time to Create More Blog Content

Are you wanting to create more content for your blog, but don’t know how you’ll be able to find the time to do it? Do you feel like you could bring your site to the next level if you only had more time to focus and write? As bloggers, we wear many hats. We’re writers, CEOs, marketers, operations managers, graphic designers, and editors. Many of us are also parents, spouses, friends, and employees. Finding time to dedicate to creating content is a challenge when we have so many other … [Read more...]

I'm a Featured Blogger - Fifty Jewels - Blogelina

Weekly Blogger Event: This Week’s Featured Blogger Is…

We at Blogelina, love finding new blogs to read, while also helping you build your community. So, we've created a weekly blogger event, where we will feature one blogger every week. :) And... We'd love to feature you! You're probably wondering how you get chosen to be featured, right? Well it's simple: Visit and leave a meaningful comment on this week's blog (you'll find a link to the site below). Visit our application page, by clicking here - and filling out the necessary … [Read more...]

100 + Tips for Mastering Pinterest Smart  Blogelina

100+ Tips to Master Pinterest’s Smart Feed

If you're a blogger, you likely rely on Pinterest for a large chunk of your traffic. However, not so long ago, Pinterest released what they call their "Smart Feed," which attaches certain attributes to Pins. What that means is that your Pin should be of value. Pinterest's new algorithm looks at a few different things when rating it for other viewers - They take into a account the quality of the pin, and the quality of the source that the pin is coming from (You can read more about the new … [Read more...]

Organize Your Work with a Blogging Binder - Blogelina

Organize Your Work With a Blogging Binder

Do you have trouble keeping track of passwords for all the services you use to promote and manage your blog? Do you need a place to keep all of your printed receipts for tax purposes? Do you need a way to organize checklists and procedures in one place? One tool that many blogger use to organize their blogging materials is a blogging binder. Even though it’s nice to have information stored online, sometimes it’s nice  to be able to access things in print. Having a blogging binder allows … [Read more...]