How To Make S.M.A.R.T. Blogging Goals

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It’s one thing to write your goals on paper (or on computer) but they need to be realistic if you want a real chance of meeting your long term goal. Remember, setting goals will keep you focused on your real blogging needs and will hopefully increase your productivity. Rather than wasting your time on projects that won’t help you reach your ultimate goal, follow this S.M.A.R.T. acronym for creating goals that will work. S = Specific Just saying, “I want to make money,” or “I want to be … [Read more...]

November Is All About WordPress At Blogelina – Ask YOUR Questions Here!

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We've had a lot of fun with the Time Management theme here at Blogelina this past month - so I thought we could do another theme month in November!  This time we're going to be talking all about Wordpress! I get SO many questions about why it's best for your blog to be on Wordpress, how to move to Wordpress, how easy is it to use, what do these terms even mean, and how to do various things inside of Wordpress.  I'm hoping that we can specifically look at some of those things this coming … [Read more...]

8 Steps To Getting Your Priorities Straight {Infographic}


This month at Blogelina, we're all about time managements skills and boosting our productivity as bloggers.  One of THE most important ways to increase your productivity is to really know the WHY behind what you're doing.  Knowing what your purpose is in each area of your blogging - and having a plan in place - will help you go far during any time you spend on your blog! Here's How To Make Getting Your Priorities Straight A Bit Simpler: … [Read more...]

How to Write Your Blog Posts Faster – An Easy Checklist


One of the most time-consuming parts of blogging is content creation.  Finding topics, writing posts, getting images, etc. - it all takes a LOT of time.  We put together this checklist to help you write your blog posts faster.  A lot of the tips below have to do with planning ahead - a little time spent on the front end really can save you a lot of time and headache in the long run! So, pick one or two of the tips below and try them out this week - see if they help boost your content … [Read more...]

Boost Your Productivity: 7 Ways To Eliminate Time-Zapping Distractions

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While it's so exciting to be working from home and earning an income, entrepreneurs and bloggers who work from home trade in their commute and office politics but acquire a brand new set of distractions in their house. What often starts out as, “Let me throw in a load of laundry first,” can turn into doing other household chores, paying bills, or grabbing a quick bite to eat while watching your favorite show. Before you know it, the school bus is about to roll up and you have no idea where your … [Read more...]

Top 9 Habits of Super Productive People

3 Easy Productivity-Boosting Ways Streamline Your Social Networking

There are productive people, and then there are super productive people. You know the types. They seem to be able to get ten times more accomplished than you ever can, they always have free time, and they always have a smile on their face. Whether you are striving for more efficiency and quicker results in your work or personal life, while everyone is different, in the area of productivity there are some actions that the average person can take which will guarantee a marked improvement in … [Read more...]

Did You Know These 8 WordPress Plugins Can Save You A Lot Of Time?

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Gaining freedom from the many hours that it might require to maintain your blog will require the organization of writing out a good schedule of all your tasks and eliminating the time wasters. By utilizing some of the tools we'll talk about, you can gain more free time to spend with your family or to do other projects. Using software that can automate tasks and other tedious activities can be a real time saver. Realize that a few minutes saved here and there can really add up over time. Using … [Read more...]

How To Manage Your Time For Maximum Productivity {Infographic}


Here at Blogelina, during the month of October, we're going to be focusing on time management tips - specifically in helping bloggers and those who work from home.  We're kicking the series off today with a great infographic - full of some fun stats and great tips for making the best use of your time! Be sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe via email to get all the great info and tips that we'll be sharing exclusively to our followers and subscribers! Time Management: How To Manage Your … [Read more...]