175+ Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic - Blogelina

175+ Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic

I'm sure you've heard it before, when writing your blog, your sole purpose shouldn't be for the pageviews, but because you love what you're doing. However, after awhile, when you see that your pageviews aren't increasing and your traffic isn't going anywhere, you might start getting a bit frustrated. That's why, today we are sharing over 175 tips for increasing your blog's traffic. Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic Increasing your blog traffic without having to create more content sounds … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Help Increase Traffic to Your Food Blog - Blogelina

3 Ways to Help Increase Traffic to Your Food Blog

If you have been blogging for very long, you know it takes lots of hard work and dedication to create great content that will engage your readers and keep them coming back for more. As a food blogger, you have to not only create great content but also present your culinary masterpieces through skillful food styling and photography.  Once you have mastered these skills (which is quite an accomplishment, I would still consider myself a work in progress), you are ready to share your content with … [Read more...]

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Weekly Blogger Event: This Week’s Featured Blogger Is…

We at Blogelina love finding new blogs to read, while also helping you build your community. So, we've created a weekly blogger event, where we will feature one blogger every week. :) And... We'd love to feature you! You're probably wondering how you get chosen to be featured, right? Well it's simple: Visit and leave a meaningful comment on this week's blog (you'll find a link to the site below). Visit our application page, by clicking here - and filling out the necessary … [Read more...]

Don't Let Bad Stock Photos Cost You - Blogelina

Don’t Let Bad Stock Photos Cost You

1stWebDesigner asks, “Remember when you were a kid and would rather read a book with lots of pictures in it versus one with just text?” This question perfectly illustrates the importance of images in modern media. Just look at the popularity of photo-sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. According to MDG Advertising, press releases with photos get 94 percent more viewership and Facebook posts with images receive 36 percent more engagement. So basically, if you’re not including pictures … [Read more...]

60 Tips for Organizing Your Blogging

Over 60 Tips for Organizing Your Blogging Life

Everywhere you look there are new methods of organizing your blogging life. Perhaps organization isn't your strong suit, or even an area that you give much thought to, even with those things working against you, there are still ways that you can help yourself get ahead. If you're someone who doesn't have one solid spot for tracking blog post ideas, or maybe your idea of an editorial calendar is a few notes on a napkin from your local sandwich shop, then this post is for you. It will help you … [Read more...]

Blogelina Ambassadors

Blogelina’s Ambassador Program – We Want You!

Here at Blogelina we love to support our loyal readers, and we love the way our loyal readers support us! Do you have an active online presence? Do you frequently enjoy sharing useful information with your followers? Do you get excited when you learn something new? If so, then you probably have what it takes to become a Blogelina Ambassador! Are you wondering what exactly a "Brand Ambassador" is? A Brand Ambassador is someone who, at the most basic level, represents a brand in a … [Read more...]